Paralimni High School: The other side of the coin and the international distinctions

Adoption of a school in Burundi, distinctions in Olympics and competitions

exclusive high school, Paralimni High School, President of the Parents' Association

There has been a lot of anxiety lately about the images that made the rounds of the internet from the diversions at Paralimni High School on the first day of the school year.

The specific images provoked reactions in the public opinion, as a result of which the reputation of the school was tarnished, and the whole society was involved in these deviations.

However, on the other hand, it is worth not forgetting the important distinctions that the school has been holding and winning continuously in recent years, including of course the important first place in senior seniors in the Pancyprian exams last year.

In statements to Famagusta.News, the President of the Parents 'Association of Paralimni High School, Mr. Andreas Skitsas, pointed out that the individual incident causes regret to the parents' association and clarified that the events that took place are not customary, since they have never taken place in the past. incidents at school. On the other hand, Mr. Skitsas stressed that we should not only show the bad incidents and tarnish the reputation of the school, since there are many distinctions that were earned with difficulty by the students, but also by extension by the teachers and the parents. Briefly, he referred to the first place taken by Paralimni High School in the last Pancyprian exams, first prize in visual arts, firsts in various Olympiads and competitions, even in the volleyball championship, where they would represent Cyprus in the Second World Olympiad to be held.

In addition, he stated that Paralimni High School has adopted a school in Burundi, which it has been supporting for 3 years and will continue to do so in the future. In closing, Mr. Skitsas pointed out that for the Paralimni High School and its students to have so many awards, it means that there is the appropriate leaven, since parents are interested in their children, as are the teachers and the school management. at the same time he condemned again the deviations that took place on the first school day.

As can be easily understood, from the statements of the President of the Parents' Association of the school, but also if one looks for the history of Paralimni High School, there is a brilliant history in the school which is a pity to be tarnished by specific incidents which are condemned by everyone. From there and beyond, we expect the developments that will occur around the issue, with the will of society to never repeat similar incidents, both in our schools and in our society at large.