Paralimni High School: Social work in shelters for students is proposed by Gioliti (VIDEO)

viber image 2020 09 24 22 24 49 Emily Gioliti, Paralimni High School

The issue of the police investigation of the case of the students who threw chickens and rabbits in Paralimni "celebrating" the beginning of the school year but also the way they should be punished for their act, commented at noon on OMEGA and on the show INFORMATION NOW, in which was hosted by the Minister of Justice Emily Giolitis.

According to Ms. Gioliti, the students involved could be sentenced to social work in an animal shelter.

In detail, Ms. Gioliti stated:

"The diversions in Paralimni worried us all firstly because animals were killed for" entertainment "purposes and secondly because it all happened at school.

While we have a portion of our fellow citizens who are so sensitive to animals, at the same time we must keep in mind that offenders are minors.

The bill in Parliament is important and will give us the tools to reform these children. Offenders in Paralimni could do social work in an animal shelter. They could see what animal care is like. That would help a lot. "

Watch the video with the statements of Mrs. Gioliti:

Source: Omegalive