Pyrillis for beaches: "Aim to preserve our tourist product" (VIDEO)

Statements on the issue of complaints about sunbeds on the beaches were given to Famagusta.News by the Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis.

According to the Mayor of Paralimni, the needs of tourism and the requests of organized foreign travel agencies as well as PASYXE for the need to have beds available to tourists was something that occupied the municipal authority and after the practice observed to apply the The Municipality of Ayia Napa for the last five years has taken the decision the Municipality of Paralimni to implement this measure, ie the pre-rental of 10% of the sunbeds in hotel units.

With this measure, he said, importance and hope are given to maintaining sustainability as a tourist destination, in order to maintain the 22% that tourism contributes to the country's GDP and to maintain it. This is the effort, said Mr. Pyrillis and argued that we should preserve our tourism as the apple of our eye and it is a measure towards the hospitality that we must provide to foreign visitors.

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Regarding the measure of pre-rental in hotel units, he clarified that it is less than 10% in some beaches that have been granted and that in no case have they deprived the right to any local, or even a foreigner who does not stay in a seaside hotel to be able to use sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach.

It is important, he said, to clarify that where there are currently around 600 beds 60 have been granted. So there are 540 beds free for use by the public. There is also 50% of the beach, it is free for use by the public either with his own umbrella, or with his towel or as everyone else who uses the beach wants and the largest free space is in front of the beach, ie instead to be three meters away from the water, the first umbrella placed by the municipality, in most cases is 6, 8 and 10 meters away from the highest sea level. This means that the front space is given for use to the public.

Continue by saying: "I really can not understand the reactions that exist and let us think more broadly that we must preserve the tourism product we offer in our place. We are certainly interested in the local visitors, but let us not forget that tourism gives blood to the local economy. We have in no case granted space or the right to anyone to provide services on the beach. The assets all belong to the municipality of Paralimni and the municipality of Paralimni has pre-rented the beds for 200 days to some hoteliers who have applied. "Certainly the hoteliers have asked to rent a larger number, instead the city council decided and gave a very small part just so that there would be no more problems."