SOTIRA: We discovered an underground hidden bar – Where is it (PICTURES+VIDEO)

A brand new underground hidden bar in the province of Famagusta and in fact... the first in the whole of Europe! What it is and what it can offer you

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It is a fact! We discovered a hidden bar in a basement in the province of Famagusta. The well-hidden "secret" is located in the center of Sotiras and in fact under an... educational center!

However, this is not an ordinary bar or some... secret entertainment center, but a unique career opportunity and indeed the first of its kind in the whole of Europe.

What is Barology?

The Barology which is also the title of the whole project, is an opportunity to build your career in the field of Bartending and Barista in a recognized and certified branch of study and in fact the first in Europe. 

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In particular, Barology is part of the recognized and certified study programs offered by the largest institution of Higher Education in Famagusta Province and is none other than the Internapa College which is located in Sotira Famagusta and in recent years has completely changed its image and philosophy, with upgraded premises and new study programs with a state grant. In fact, for the purpose of the course, in order to offer the best experience to the students, a modern bar area has been created, so that the education becomes experiential and more immediate.

During the course, which offers a one-year Certificate in Bartending (60ECTS), the trainee will discover with the well-known professionals of a recognized course 16 courses and an internship opportunity in one of the 10 best bars in Europe! The courses focus on the philosophy of the catering industry and specifically the professionals who are behind the bar, with the history of bartending, the process, the characteristics, the main trends as well as the legal issues.

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Among other things, Barology stands out from its curriculum, as on the one hand renowned and professionally trained professionals give students the opportunity to get to know each aspect of Bartending up close, and on the other hand it offers an important internship opportunity at the famous Laki Kane Bar in heart of London.

The courses start in October and, among other things, the course program includes Wine and Spirit Appreciation and Cellar Alchemies which gives students the opportunity to get to know the magical world of wine production up close and in fact alongside the Winemaker and Sommelier, Oresti Tsiakka and at Tsiakkas Winery. The lesson The Bar in the New Digital Age offers the skills required to manage the demanding world of technology, advertising, internet and social media and the Bar, Barista and Restaurant Beverage Service provides the skills to set up a menu, the Art and Craft of Cocktails and Mocktails the practical ability and professional skills to create a cocktail, the Barista Artisan Skills the knowledge a qualified barista needs. The rest of the courses are Fermented, Distilled & Cask Beverages, Artisans Cocktails & Flair Bartending, Beverage Identification & Sensory Analysis, Communication & Customer Etiquette, Mixology Infusion, Beverage Hygiene & Safety, Menu Design & Sales Skills, Recruitment & People Development, Purchasing & Control Systems and Molecular & New Cocktail Development

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Important personalities take over the courses

Among the personalities who have taken the courses of the program are the following:

  • Orestis Tsiakkas, Oenologist and Sommelier
  • Kyriakos Assiotis, Flair Bartending Award Winner
  • Ioannis Ioannou, Multi-Awarded Global Bartender and Mixologist
  • Geogi Radev, Co-Founder of Laki Kane / Rum Expert
  • Katerina and Georgia Fellas, Food and Beverage Scientists
  • George Christofis, Coffee & Brew Technologist
  • Dr. Georgios Markatos, Hospitality Expert, Program Manager

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*Please note that the Barology bar is not open to the public, but only to students taking classes from qualified instructors and professors.


Tel. 23829840
Classes start in October

Internapa College
Instagram: @internapacollege
Tel. 23829840
All courses start in October

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