What does the Diocese of Constantia-Famagusta say about the alleged "monk" (VIDEO)

The Diocese of Constantinople of Famagusta conducted an investigation for a person who, dressed as a monk, visits communities in the province and tries to sell various items, while also asking for financial help.

As stated by the Protosyggelos of the Holy Metropolis of Constantia - Famagusta, Archimandrite Augustinos Kkaras, “recently we have received many complaints from people in the free province of Famagusta that a 60-year-old Romanian man of Greek descent is fluent in Greek. from Mount Athos, he visited houses in the area and sold various items such as icons and rosaries, while he also asked for financial help ".

He added that "due to the large number of complaints, the Diocese conducted an investigation, but we do not know anything about the specific person, that is, if he is really a monk as presented, if he comes from Mount Athos as he states and from which monastery he comes".

According to the Archimandrite, “after the investigation, the Diocese of Constantia - Famagusta issued a statement yesterday in order to protect the people of the area. The specific person did not show up at the Diocese to get permission from the Metropolitan in which he would normally have to say who he is, from which Monastery he comes, what he wants to do, if he wants to visit a parish, sell some handicrafts or icons or anything other ”.

We believe, he continued, “that this case has purely financial motives and takes advantage of the piety of the people and the love we all have for the church and the monasteries. We can not allow the image of our church to be tarnished because this phenomenon has nothing to do with the ethos of the church of Cyprus and at the same time it is not right to commercialize the piety of the people ".

The Archimandrite noted that "the Police were also involved in the case, since after a relevant complaint, the man was taken today to the Xylotympos Police Station where he gave some information that does not specify whether he is a monk while giving a secular name. He also did not tell the police where he came from, he stated that he comes from Mount Athos and lives in a friendly house in Larnaca and because nothing against him emerged, he was finally released ".

The Diocese of Constantia - Famagusta concluded "it had to inform and protect its flock and our fellow human beings so that they are not financially exploited by anyone."