Concerned Cypriots in Britain about the effects of Brexit - What a British journalist reports (VIDEO)

Michael Janes is the voice that thousands of our compatriots from the Cypriot community of London hear every day through the frequency of the Greek Cypriot radio LGR.

A pure friend of Cyprus but also an advocate of the struggle for the justification of the Cyprus problem, the British journalist shared on Sigma's camera his anxiety for the forthcoming exit of Great Britain from the European Union and especially the concern of the Cypriot community.

According to Michael Janes, "Cypriots living in Great Britain are as worried as all of us. "Markets are not encouraged by the uncertainty and we have seen the pound fall against the dollar and the euro."

According to him, the prevailing concerns have led a large number of Cypriots living permanently in the United Kingdom to apply for British citizenship.

As he says "There is an increase in citizenship applications from Cypriots living in the United Kingdom. Two hundred applications were made this year, while it was around 20 in 2015. There is a large increase in the number of Cypriots seeking citizenship, not because they love the country, or because they want to live there, but because they are worried about the consequences of Brexit or possible failure. in agreement with the European Union. "

The British-friend of Cyprus, told Sigma's camera, that the possibility of holding a second referendum is still in the pipeline, while according to him, the fall in the value of the British pound has brought consequences which are especially felt in the pocket of a British tourist. .

Source: SigmaTV