Famagusta District: Fine in a beer garden - The customers were dancing

They "caught" a beer serving at the bar and the customers were dancing - 21 citizens and 9 premises were reported all over Cyprus

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In the last 21 hours (9 in the morning of the 24th of January - 6.00 of the 4th of January), the Police proceeded with complaints from 6.00 citizens and 5 people in charge of the premises, after 2.597 inspections carried out throughout Cyprus, in order to verify the observance and implementation of its decrees. Infection Clearance Law.

As a representative of the Communication Branch of the Police Headquarters stated in KYPE, 1.190 checks were carried out in Nicosia, from which 7 complaints of citizens and 5 people in charge of premises emerged. In Limassol 181 inspections were carried out, from which 6 complaints of citizens and 1 person in charge of a property emerged. In Larnaca 476 inspections were carried out with 6 complaints from citizens and one person in charge of the property, in Paphos 399 inspections were carried out, which resulted in 3 complaints of citizens and the head of an establishment, in Famagusta 82 inspections were carried out without any complaints. in the area Morphou 111 inspections were carried out without any complaints.

Also, the port carried out 5 checks, without any complaint.

With regard to infringements of responsible premises, in Nicosia they concerned bakeries, pizzerias, fast food restaurants, eateries, whose employees either work without a mask or without a safe pass. In Limassol the complaint was made in a supermarket because there was no safepass check. In Larnaca in a brewery because it served customers without safepass. In Paphos in a barber shop because the manager did not wear a mask when serving customers. In Famagusta it was a brewery because it had no signs, it served customers at the bar and it had customers dancing.