Mega blunder: They thought that the cameras were closed and the masks were thrown away (VIDEO)

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Mega blunder: The cameras closed and the masks were removed… A big mistake was made during a broadcast on the big channel. The mistake was made during the live connection made by the show "Mega Weekend". This was done with a patisserie owner. This connection was the occasion for a party on social media and more specifically on Twitte, r with a reporter of the TV station. In more detail:

Details of the incident:

In the live connection, we saw both the reporter and the confectionery clerk literally follow the rules and measures to protect against the coronavirus - as they should - something that stopped ostentatiously happening as soon as they thought the cameras stopped shooting.

The cameras were closed and the masks removed

Unfortunately for them, when they thought the live connection was over, they tossed the masks they were wearing and approached each other to talk. What they did not know, of course, is that the two of them were still in the Mega window, with their image going viral and the comments giving and receiving.

The following is a related video, posted via Twitter:

See the excerpt that makes the rounds of the internet…