The astrological predictions of Monday, April 3, 2023

Mercury enters Taurus and will remain in this position until June 11, during which time thoughts and visions will be put in order, there will be a concentration on goals. The basic need will be securing, stabilizing and securing, both in matters of a professional nature and in matters of sentimentality, there will be the possibility for positive and stable development. In the financial sector it will not be easy to take initiatives and risks, in order to make meaningful aspirations there must be confidence that the ground is stable.



Krie, you are given the opportunity to focus on the friendly environment and focus on common goals that you may have with friendly people. It is important for you to achieve your dreams, but you will do well to prepare for sudden events that may upset you.

Professional - financial 

You show determination to strive hard for the goals and aspirations you have and this will help you focus on what you need to do without being distracted. Beware of possible upheavals that will irritate you by testing your nerves.

You are given the opportunity to spend a beautiful evening having fun with your partner, something that will bring you closer than ever and will work rejuvenatingly in your relationship. If you are unattached / new acquaintance can arise through the friendly environment that gives you the feeling of intimacy and familiarity from the old.


Taurus, the day gives you the opportunity to express your personal needs. The fact is that the people next to you have the understanding and the will to cover you, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Professional - financial

Business discussions can be extremely rewarding for you. You show the responsibility and hard work that is required and this can work beneficially for possible financial claims that you may have. It is possible that your requests will be met.

You immediately express insecurities and feelings to your partner. Be sure that he will understand you and will try to create a stable framework in the relationship. If you are unattached from the professional environment, a new person may emerge who will play a decisive role in your personal life.


We give, the day gives you the opportunity to have fun and enjoy your company. Faces through the wider kinship environment open new horizons in front of you as your spirituality and philosophical pursuits play a leading role.

Professional - financial

You can take initiatives at a professional level that will yield significant benefits as you express directly what you are seeking. This is something that will be highly appreciated by the people you work with and thus there will be maximum understanding and cooperation to achieve professional goals.

Enjoy every moment with the person next to you. Fun and strong emotions take the relationship to the next level and create a unique atmosphere for both. If you are unattached, through the wider relative and friendly environment, a new acquaintance may come that will fill you with optimism. New future plans are underway.


Cancer, your day creates tension and doubts. Fears and suspicions prevail, creating an explosive setting in relation to your environment. Try to calm the nervousness and trust your intuition as the thought is not objective.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to launch financial affairs for yourself in relation to third parties that may be pending from the past. Take advantage of the opportunity given to you and do not allow suspicion to disorient you.

You can enjoy the passion and sensuality in your relationship, as long as you limit possible tensions and revolutionary mood on your part that will plague your personal life. If you are single, the person from the past makes his appearance by increasing the heart rate vertically.


Leo, what mainly concerns you are interpersonal relationships. It is important for you to have harmony and balance, but sudden events that will spoil your mood and cause tension are not ruled out.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of this situation to close deals that can yield significant financial benefits and have been pending for a long time. You should be careful in the afternoon as upheavals and sudden events can cause tensions with your partners.

You are given the opportunity to solve issues that may have preoccupied you in the past with your partner and to eliminate from the relationship everything that has bothered you so far. If you are unattached / the person from the past through the friendly environment may return and want to star again in your life.


Virgo, you are given the opportunity to deal with everyday issues that can make you nervous. Make sure you use the day to your advantage by exercising or exercising that will help you relax. 

Professional - financial

Many responsibilities can be stressful, but he is willing to work hard to cope with what you have undertaken. Possible last minute changes will irritate you. You will do well not to get caught up in the tension as this will lead to losing your real goal and aspirations.

You have the ability to express to your partner everything that bothers you and has created a routine in the relationship, take care to reduce the irritation that will create explosive situations. If you are unattached through your professional life, a person can return who will turn the data of your daily life.


Libra, the day gives you the opportunity to find your confidence and dynamism. You know that you can charm everyone in your passage, but you will do well to control possible insecurities and suspicions that come to the surface with momentum and spoil your mood.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to star in the professional environment as you show your dynamism with initiatives you can take. Make sure you are prepared for upheavals and possible background or secrets that come to the surface and may disappoint you with people who star in your career.

Give time to the person next to you and make sure you have a good time with him leaving aside tensions and insecurities. If you are single, it is possible to have a person who reminds you a lot and pushes you to reconsider the way you enjoy life and have fun.


Scorpio, the day gives you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful moments with people from the family environment. Possible upheavals to create tension and lead to coldness. Try to manage them so that there are no problems. 

Professional - financial

There can be upset in your collaborations as subversive events create mood swings and tension. Take care to overcome possible conflicts that develop in your professional life as they are capable of creating throws that will not favor you.

Spend time with your partner and create the right setting that will help you overcome any insecurities that may be bothering your relationship. If you are unattached, the persons through the familiar friendly environment express strong emotions that upset you.


Sagittarius, you seek to get closer than ever with people close to you. It is important for you to discuss and communicate needs and thoughts that may be bothering you for a long time. The conditions are ideal so do not miss the opportunity.

Professional - financial

A quick perception of things will help you maneuver and overcome possible upheavals that will affect your collaborations. You have the opportunity to close pending cases that may be financially profitable for you.

Good communication in the relationship creates the conditions for you to have a good time with your partner and to solve possible issues of the past that concern you. If you are single, the person from the past can return, creating the best possible conditions for a reconnection.


Capricorn, you focus on your material and emotional needs as it is important for you to feel stable. It is good to remember that selfishness can energize the atmosphere and cause conflicts with people around you.

Professional - financial

Your finances occupy you intensely and it is not excluded that sudden expenses may arise that will stress and irritate you. You should pay special attention to waste at night as you want to have a good time and enjoy the moments, but you lose your temper and can create a problem in your budget.

Do not miss the opportunity to solve everyday issues that are pending and negatively affect your relationships. If you are single / probably a new acquaintance from work, it will lead you to think about what you really do not like in your daily life.


Aquarius, it is time to come to the fore with dynamism and claim the attention of those around you. Issues from the family can surprise you and create tension, keep a low profile so that you have clear thinking in management.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to take initiatives at the level of collaborations that can be extremely interesting and creative. It is possible to close deals that have been pending for a long time and may work well for your finances.

You feel that the time has come to express to your partner everything that has bothered you in the past about your relationship. Be sure that you will find understanding and a positive attitude on his part. If you are single, the person from the past seeks to return to your life and take off the emotions.


Pisces, the day creates the need to focus on yourself. You turn to yourself to close issues of the past that can still hurt you and affect family relationships.

Professional - financial

You can sort out outstanding issues as you have the intuition and determination you need. It is possible for familiar people to help you in your endeavors by giving support where needed to overcome possible difficulties and obstacles that come your way.

You are given the opportunity to deal with issues that may arise from the past and to close any cases that upset your relationship. If you are single, the return of people from the past is not excluded, which will intensify the romance and passion.

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