The astrological predictions of Thursday, March 30, 2023

Mars forms a trine with Saturn, the characteristics will be capacity, self-confidence, realistic way of thinking. There will be the willingness to take risks and initiatives, in matters of a professional nature the visions will be expansive, the actions aimed at improvement and positive development. Impulsive and restless characters will be able to put their thoughts in order, they will be able to show restraint and inner discipline.



Krie, your social life is rising and this helps you to promote your aspirations and plans. The confusion that will probably occur in the afternoon will cause intense chatter and unnecessary disputes with people from the family environment. Leave the important discussions for another time.

Professional - financial 

Sudden opportunities or ideas change the flow of things in terms of your business and give you the opportunity to move with great ease. The popularity in the professional environment takes off as you impress with your ingenious suggestions that can do a lot.

This is not the day for important decisions and discussions about your relationship. Enjoy the moments with your partner and do not seek conversations that will not develop as you would like. If you are single, it is possible that there is a person through the professional sector who will show interest, do not get into disputes and make sure you enjoy his company.


Taurus, you are given the opportunity to make transformational changes that will significantly affect relationships with people from your wider environment. Your future development is your guide and you try to go deeper than ever in what regenerates you and helps you eliminate possible prejudices.

Professional - financial

Your future plans at a professional level concern you as you want to radically change your mentality and way of approaching. It is possible that there will be important people who will play a catalytic role in which you develop and will give you the opportunities that you think you deserve.

Passion and adventure characterize your relationship and give you the opportunity to enjoy every moment with the person you have in your life. If you are single, it is possible that a new person will come from work who will express his strong feelings for you and will take off your psychology.


Gemini, you strongly feel the suspicion prevails and this can affect your behavior and relationships with people important in your environment. Take care not to manifest with repulsed momentum that will surprise and disappoint those around you.

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties concern you today and it is possible that you feel that they are trying to impose themselves or speculate against you. You will do well to control your nervousness and aggressive mood and to trust your instinct that will help you escape from any difficulties.

Try to express that you are worried about your partner without aggressively expressing any insecurities that may cause you anxiety. If you are single, the new person may come into your life to help you overcome all your fears.


Cancer, your need for harmony to prevail in the important relationships of your life is typical and this can lead to compromises and a high degree of tolerance. Try to limit your impulsivity as it can cause tensions.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations can gain balance and good prospects if you decide to take advantage of possible proposals that are made to you. At the same time you need to be conciliatory in your views and listen to what others want to say because it can ultimately play a decisive role in your next moves.

It is important to discuss and normalize your relationship, but you should try to limit the need to impose your views so that there are no conflicts. If you are unattached, it is possible that there will be a thunderous new acquaintance from work that will impress you, but at the same time it will not be easy to curb the tension you feel.


Leo, everyday life worries you as you pick up the pace trying to meet the many obligations you have undertaken. Of course, try to stay focused on what you are doing as the mind travels to magical worlds and it does not help to be practical and realistic.

Professional - financial

Sudden suggestions can help you in the process of all that you have undertaken as you are given ideas that can lead you to the appropriate solutions. Pay attention to confrontations with people in the environment who will cost you as they will disappoint you.

It is not the best time to discuss issues that concern you on a daily basis in your relationship as the tension that may arise will create conflict situations. If you are unattached, nervousness and fatigue will hardly allow you to enter the romantic game dynamically by flirting and enjoying new acquaintances.


Virgo, your psychology is skyrocketing and you feel that the time has come to leave behind what has been bothering you lately. Do not miss the opportunity to accept surprise invitations for fun as it is certain that you can enjoy every moment with the people you will meet. 

Professional - financial

Potential disagreements may arise today regarding your goals and aspirations. People within your team will show upset and may lead to conflicts. Make sure you really listen to their suggestions and be able to keep the necessary balance to find the golden section.

Your psychology is skyrocketing and this helps to renew your relationship with possible surprises that will excite the person you have by your side. If you are single, the new person from work comes into your life suddenly to teach you what a thunderous love really means.


Libra, you have the opportunity to spend your day with family members who can create the sense of security needed in your life. Beware of possible discussions that can provoke controversy and spoil the beautiful atmosphere by creating tensions.

Professional - financial

Disagreements with people in the professional field will prevail today, so make sure you are cool in what they suggest. The reactions will be intense and you will do well to avoid important discussions that can play a decisive role in your career.

You feel that your partner is trying to impose his own point of view, make sure you are compromising and show understanding for possible needs and thoughts he has. If you are single, the mood and the need to be isolated from everyone does not allow you to enjoy possible new acquaintances.


Scorpio, it is important to feel that you can communicate with the people next to you because the immediate environment plays a leading role for you. Opinions are different and this should be respected by all so that there are no conflicts. 

Professional - financial

Sudden opportunities may arise that will lead to important collaborations so make sure you take advantage of them. Your communication temperament and the arguments you cite impress and pave the way for important steps in your business.

Make sure you have a good time with your partner and create the conditions to enjoy every moment away from tensions and nervousness. If you are single, the new person from work suddenly comes into your life to change the facts in relationships and the way you deal with love.


Sagittarius, you have the ability to create an environment of security and stability in your life by changing the data in a dramatic way. Deeper emotions come to the surface and can lead to conflicts with people around you, be careful not to be immobile in your views.

Professional - financial

You want to solve financial issues that concern you intensely, but it is possible that there will be confrontations with the people you deal with. It is important to stay calm and avoid possible agreements and discussions that may not develop the way you would like.

Sensuality works beneficially in the relationship and creates the conditions for you to spend beautiful moments with your partner, expressing strong feelings and worries that you have. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a thunderous new acquaintance from work that will upset you and will star in the next period.


Capricorn, you want to star in whatever environment you find yourself since you seek to be the center of interest. Try not to get into a process of conflict in discussions as this will lead to you becoming subjective and egocentric by displeasing those around you.

Professional - financial

Your ideas and perceptions will play a leading role in your professional life as you can find original and revolutionary solutions that will impress. Beware of discussions with partners as the tension increases for no real reason and can lead to fights for no real reason.

A surprise from your partner can refresh you and create the conditions to overcome possible tensions and problems that may bother you. If you are unattached, your charm is unparalleled and magnetizes people who come suddenly to create new conditions in your life.


Aquarius, you have the need to isolate yourself from everyone and everything as situations of the past come to the surface that blur the thought. The intense emotion leaves no room for a practical and realistic approach to everyday life, make sure you concentrate on what you have undertaken because mistakes are possible.

Professional - financial

Everyday life does not satisfy you mainly because you are not in the mood to deal with everything you have undertaken. Colleagues may react to your attitude and enter into a process of controversy that will create problems in your relationship. Take care not to lose your concentration.

Do not isolate yourself and move away from your partner and create the best possible conditions to spend a beautiful and romantic evening together. If you are single, people from the past make an appearance and cause an emotional storm, conversations under these circumstances will not have the development you expect.


Pisces, do not try to impose your wishes on friendly people as they are more likely to react spasmodically and there will be tensions between you. Try to talk to them and listen to deeper thoughts and feelings they may have about you and your relationship.

Professional - financial

Try to trust your instinct that can ideally guide you to goals and dreams you may have at a professional level. It is possible for people to try to influence and manipulate you, you can realize this and escape from similar behaviors.

It is important to try to calm down revolutionary moods that you have and can negatively stress your relationship. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance through the friendly environment that will help you to be reborn in terms of your perception and ideology.

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