The astrological predictions of Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mercury in Cancer and a Venus – Chiron transit bring developments to all signs.


Mercury is now in the home and family sector and will influence things here until 19/7. In the next two weeks you are likely to make more decisions about the home, or discussions and thoughts will often turn to personal or domestic matters. A Venus – Chiron transit also helps you open your heart and leave your fears behind. People see and appreciate your unique qualities.

Until the 19th, Mercury influences your solar 3rd house and learning, short trips, communication or making connections strongly appeal to you. This transit sparks your curiosity and prompts you to reach out. There may also be intense activity and many distractions at this time. However, it is a good time to diversify your interests. Your social life improves and new people enter your life.

Mercury is now out of your sign and transiting your resources sector until the 19th. Now that it has moved on you focus less on your independence and more on building the structures in your life. It is definitely a good time for new ideas, organization and objectivity in your practical affairs including your finances. It's also a powerful time to develop your skills and talents, take special care of your valuables, and acquire new things that make your life easier.

While Mercury has been in your private sector recently, you may have had fewer opportunities to talk about yourself or your plans. Yesterday Mercury entered your sign and you are now ready to make decisions and discuss your plans. This cycle that lasts until the 19th is good for decision making and more objectivity. You use the power of words more naturally to attract what you want. However, a Venus-Chiron aspect can help you see that companionship is more important to you.

Mercury now moves into the sector of your private life and you pay more attention to the past, personal matters and hidden elements of your life until 19/7. It is a good time for calm and meditation. With the Sun also in this area of ​​your chart there is a greater focus on rejuvenation, issues of the past and healing. You could look for more logic and reason in recent experiences or look for meaning in hidden places. It's a good cycle to do research or groundwork for future projects and take a break from the usual mental routine.

Your planetary ruler Mercury has just begun its transit into the realm of your dreams, desires and connections. You are especially interested in being happy, enjoying yourself, and connecting with people who accept you as you are during this cycle. Social interactions are more frequent, light, fun, and most of all you seek out people who stimulate your mind.

With Mercury in your 10th solar house of career and fame until the 19th you are in the most ambitious time of the year. You recognize your value, you know your responsibilities, you communicate more correctly. Your professional affairs take on more importance in your life now. It is a good time to seek or find information and knowledge that benefits or enhances your goals and perspectives.

Mercury is now transiting your solar 9th house and will remain there until the 19th of the month. Transits cause a desire to reach beyond your usual limits and trigger a kind of wandering that can be mental or physical. With Mercury now here, you are looking to expand your knowledge and mental experience. Educational or philosophical issues could be of particular interest during this cycle, and decisions are less about practicality than about your beliefs and ideals.

Mercury brings more psychic energy to your intimate world and to work with yourself. This transit that lasts until the 19th offers you more reason and objectivity than usual about more difficult, taboo and deep-rooted feelings. Conversations can get heated quickly but you are detached enough to keep things fair and reasonable. Today, however, he avoided quick decisions. Opportunities to strengthen your relationships and bonds can be subtle but useful.

Mercury has just moved into your partnership sector, and this new influence intensifies the desire to lean on ideas from a partner or a close friend. You seek restless friends who stimulate your curiosity and mental abilities. You are also strongly cooperative and communicative, and your thoughts become clearer through dialogue with others. Today there is a tendency to make hasty decisions that you should avoid.

Mercury is in your work and health sector until the 19th, so in the coming weeks you are in perfect shape to pay attention to detail and anything that helps you organize your life and mind more. You make an effort to sort things out and work involves more communication. Today there may be some tension and some anxiety that you need to control. An aspect of Venus to Chiron also brings the opportunity to learn and heal.

Mercury has just moved into your solar 5th house and until the 19th you are proud of your ideas and express them to others smoothly. You think more creatively and entertain people with conversation. During this expressive and intellectually fertile cycle you can seek to stand out from the crowd. Despite the tense undercurrents, you're in great shape today to make some pleasant changes.