The astrological predictions of Saturday, March 11, 2023

Mercury forming a hexagon with Uranus is a positive aspect, there will be communication openings that will open new perspectives. In matters of a professional nature, new proposals will be heard, the ground will be suitable for new collaborations, there will be a possibility for implementation. The way of thinking will be renewed and innovative, the opinions will be formulated in evidence with strong argumentation capable of convincing and influencing.



Krie, the mood is great as you create the right environment to enjoy every moment with people close to you. Through them you feel safe and stable, something that helps you step on your feet and find your self-control.

Professional - financial 

It is possible that there will be financial developments as you communicate extremely well with your superiors. This will result in the satisfaction of your possible requests as you are given the opportunity to promote your work and receive the appropriate remuneration.

Romance takes the relationship to the next level and beautiful conversations create a context in which passion and sensuality can easily develop. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance who will impress you with the tenderness and willingness for communication that he shows.


Taurus, the tension you manifest becomes immediately apparent in your wider environment and you can become rude to people who disagree with you. Take care to keep your nerves and give them the necessary space to express what they are thinking without being influenced by your behavior.

Professional - financial

Conflicts with people in the professional environment can occur today as disagreements come to the surface about how to handle the cases that interest you. Your self-control will play an important role in avoiding tensions as you can become vindictive by creating more problems.

Spontaneity becomes aggression and significantly affects your personal life as you will not hesitate to take responsibility on your partner when you should not. If you are single, try to keep a low profile with a new person who may be interested as your irritability is intense.


We give, ideal communications with the important people in your life that help you to be active and feel more dynamic than ever. Do not miss the opportunity for fun and beautiful moments with friendly people who raise the spirits and help you leave behind any difficulties. 

Professional - financial

The discussions that may arise today will have an excellent result as you are given the opportunity to close outstanding issues that may affect your work and daily life. A satisfactory agreement at an economic level is not ruled out.

Joint action with your partner works beneficially for the relationship as it gives you the opportunity to become one in goals that may interest both of you. If you are unattached through the friendly environment, a new acquaintance can emerge that will play a decisive role in your personal life and will take off the passion.


Cancer, take advantage of the mood to meet people in a friendly environment as they are the ones that can give you joy. It is possible that people will emerge from the specific environment who will seek to support you in your efforts and plans.

Professional - financial

Important discussions can take place in relation to ambitions that you may have and it is not excluded that they may develop into catalytic collaborations for your life. Through the friendly environment people will show willpower to support you to come closer than ever to your dreams.

It impresses your partner with the original ideas you have and it is certain that this works refreshingly for the relationship and its course. If you are single, it is possible for new acquaintances to emerge through the friendly environment that will stimulate interest and launch romance to new heights.


Leo, the generosity and intense emotion that distinguishes you leave no room for those around you to not satisfy you. After all, you will not miss the opportunity to create the best possible atmosphere and have fun with the people around you.

Professional - financial

You are the protagonist in discussions that may exist at a professional level and you are most likely to have highly optimistic developments as your method and diligence find a response from your superiors and it is not excluded that they will accept any of your suggestions.

Use the day to show your true feelings to your partner as these will be enough to launch sensuality and create unique moments in the relationship. If you are unattached, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will play a catalytic role in your life as it fills you with joy, taking off the passion.


Virgo, enjoy the company and conversations with people from your wider relative and friendly environment as you can become the center of interest in the way you express yourself. Fun and joy star and create unique moments of fun.

Professional - financial

Do not miss the opportunity to settle work issues that may be pending and worrying you. Your determination will give the signal to overcome which obstacles and to have the appropriate solutions for the best possible result.

Your great mood helps to overcome possible difficulties in the relationship and to see the future with your partner from the positive side. If you are single, it is possible to meet a new person who will take off your psychology and create the conditions for an ideal relationship on a personal level.


Libra, people close to you take care to make you happy and create the right setting for you to have a good time together. The discussions that take place give the opportunity to resolve issues that may have hurt in the past and you still carry. 

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to settle financial issues in the best possible way as it is possible that there will be support from people in the family environment in which you move. Proposals for new trade agreements are coming to the fore.

The need for communication is a protagonist in your relationship today and gives you the opportunity to create a solid foundation with the person next to you. If you are single, it is possible to meet a new person who will pique your interest with his dynamism and generosity.


Scorpio, the need to feel safe and stable prevails and this manifests itself in every way to the people around you. The pleasant mood that is created leaves no room for misunderstandings, on the contrary it gives rise to unique moments of fun. 

Professional - financial

It is possible that there are people in the immediate environment who will give you ideas for business matters that you may have. This will help you find the right outlets and solutions needed to make your next moves extremely successful.

The good communication that exists in your personal life helps to overcome any difficulties and to create the right atmosphere to have a good time with your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will pique your interest with her humor and communication skills.


Sagittarius, you feel that you can play a leading role in the environment you are in as you have the necessary dynamism and the will to communicate in order to overcome possible tensions and problems. This will help you gain the trust of those around you which is necessary for you to have a good time.

Professional - financial

Designs in the workplace come to the fore and you may be given the opportunity to show how you can handle even the most difficult cases. The inspiration you have will help to provide solutions that will be decisive for issues that you have undertaken at work.

You show in a dynamic way what you ask from your partner and it is certain that he will try to satisfy you as he can not resist you. If you are unattached, you are magnetized by your behavior and mood and there can be many people who will show intense interest in you.


Capricorn, you have the opportunity to show with dynamism what you can achieve at all levels and to impress the people around you with the optimism that possesses you. This creates a great atmosphere in which you can spend uniquely.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to show how you want to move to a future level, something that will help your partners show confidence in you as it is clear that you know what you want to achieve. Your imagination and positive thinking help you to complete possible plans and dreams that you have.

You see the positive side of things and this helps you to support your relationship and overcome issues that may concern your partner. If you are unattached, you are decisively claiming to be the center of interest and this cannot go unnoticed by people who are impressed with your character. 


Aquarius, star in a friendly environment, your energy leaves no room for doubt. This creates the conditions for you to have a good time in the companies where you will be and to give your best to take off the fun and the fun.

Professional - financial

Conversations about real estate come to the fore that you are called to manage with a positive attitude and strong instinct. It is possible to have professional plans that will bring you closer than ever to your dreams, as long as you show determination and dynamism.

You impress your partner with the optimism and passion that possesses you and creates the best possible setting for you to spend unique moments together. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person who will show intense interest in you as you magnetize everyone in your path.


Pisces, tension prevails in the relations with the surrounding environment as it is not excluded that there may be disagreements that will affect the atmosphere. The ups and downs at your disposal work aggravatingly for the course of discussions that may be important to you. Restrain and control your nerves so that you can have a clear perception of things. 

Professional - financial

Trade deals that you may be interested in seem to be overturned as obstacles come to the fore. It is possible that there are financial disputes that you should manage calmly because this will help you get closer than ever to achieving your professional goals.

It is not easy to be calm in your personal life and this is something that your partner receives immediately as you can become abrupt and confrontational. If you are single, communication with new people will not develop as you would like as you do not show a willingness to understand their needs.

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