PARALIMNI: Free theatrical performance by the Municipality of Paralimni

The performance "And now the two of us" will be staged on Friday, April 19, free of charge for the public

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The Municipality of Paralimni presents with free admission the performance "AND NOW THE TWO OF US" by Alexander Gelman, directed by Christos Sougaris

🗓️ Friday, April 19, 2024, 20:30 p.m
📍 Events Hall of Paralimni Town Hall

Free entry after pre-booking a seat. Tel. 99520835

The performance is sponsored by the Municipality of Paralimni and is part of the Spring Festival of the Municipality of Paralimni.

The play:

One of the most shocking works of modern Russian drama, "And now the two of us" by Alexander Gelman is staged at the Tree Theater under the direction of the distinguished Greek director and actor Christos Sougaris.

A work that is consistently relevant since it deals with the destructive passion for advancement and power in the workplace by demonstrating the causes that remove man from his moral existence.

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The work, which has been presented in many countries of the world with great success, photographs the flattening of human dignity when ambition and self-interest allow the exploitation…

Gelman records in his works the alienation of the human condition that is constantly changing through the pathogens of capitalism.

In "And now the two of us" he makes it clear that the ambitious worker, the one entangled with the bosses, is fatally trapped in their mechanisms without being able to get out of there unscathed. Power manipulates him with its constant tactic – it promises him opportunities for success by exploiting his qualifications and abilities for its benefit and service, leading him (us) to complete moral degradation.

The obsession for social advancement proves disastrous for the couple in the play, leading the two heroes to emotional mutilation. Someone will pay, even through no fault of their own. The price is heavy.

The two roles are played by Christos Sougaris and Katerina Loura.

Kyriaki Iakovidou joins them on stage.

A few words about the case:

We meet the "heroes" after twenty years of marriage. They have a 16 year old child. He, a civil engineer. She, intellectual.

He, in order to rise socially, to climb, stepped on corpses, selling out every principle and every value. She, in order to rise socially, to climb, knew but remained silent.

The child's future was their alibi. The conflict between them is inevitable - for those who wanted it and especially for those who wish it hadn't happened. In the fierce battle for supremacy, no one emerges victorious.


Direction Christos Sougaris
Sets - costumes: Lakis Genethlis
Music: Andreas Moustoukis
Movement: Stavroula Kalfa
Lighting: Christos Gogakis
Optical Communication | Poster-Trailer: Kriton Douris
Production Manager: Katerina Loura
Production: Tree Theatre

On stage:

Christos Sougaris, Katerina Loura, Kyriaki Iakovidou

Dentro Theater – Unit 44, 1041, Nicosia | 99520835