15 valuable lessons my father taught me about life (and he was right)

Tips from a father: My dad is a non-talkative person. However, his advice is important.

1674 DAD, father, TIPS

Tips from a father: My dad is a non-talkative person. However, his advice is important. This is because they will accompany us for a lifetime. In fact, they continue to help me. My father is always right. What he told me comes out in front of me and I will need it. Below are some of his tips…

Here are fourteen tips from a father:

- Slave others in your own way: You can always enslave the other in a good way. Finally, get what you want. It's not always easy, but it always works. When your husband comes home from work and is on his nerves, you can instead shout at him and end up like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, at Mr. & Mrs. Smith give way to rage, wait for him to take a bath and eat and see if he can say sorry to you for calling me stupid.

- We do it yesterday: Do not postpone! There is nothing more annoying than procrastinating people. Do not forget when you wait until SK to do the chores. There is always something better or more fun that shows up. And you will either miss it because you will have to do general, or you will catch spiders!

- The only person you can change is yourself: I firmly believe that. You can not change people. You can only change yourself. Really, you don't even have to try. That's why you either accept it and relax or you leave! So simple! People only change if they want to!

1655 DAD, father, TIPS

And other tips from a father:

- He asked: (Exactly his advice was whoever is ashamed stays fasting!) So many amazing things have happened in my life just because I asked! It is not bad!
Keep your cool (and keep holding it!) You will tell me how to keep your cool when you are awake, with vomiting on you over one child and the other pulls your leg and shouts hungry, em…

- See yourself outside: I do this, try to imagine yourself outside and you will laugh (or cry) but you will not shout!

- Life is not fair: life is sweetly beautiful, But not fair, and all you need is to embrace it and suck from it the best moments.

In addition, advice from a father:

- Choose your battles: Yes in some things you have to be upright. And yes, you have to fight with your fingernails and toenails for your own sake. from the crib… you who are hysterical because you want to talk to your husband now - and it is now at 3 in the morning - and he is sleeping upright).

- There is nothing easy in life, only different: I used to think that growing up my daughter, life would be easier… Guess what, I was wrong !!!! It's not easy, it's just different and we have to enjoy it.

- Before you speak, think: Is it necessary for me to find him right now and call him an ass? Or maybe later I will regret it ώρα Now if it has taken you so far out of yourself… .do the following!

- Listen to your heart: I believe the heart never makes a mistake and if it does, at least it will be our mistake and conscious!

- Apologize not forgiveness: What do I mean? When I do something I really regret it I will apologize but I will not ask the other to forgive me. I will do it to get on well with myself. Also, apologizing and then repeating the same mistake is like when we were children and we were late to come back and to close mom's mouth we said sorry manoula I will not do it again and the next day we did it again. Don't say sorry like that.

The rest:

- It's all about presentation: Most of the time you can get what you want by asking for it in the right way! The behavior of another person is never an excuse for your own behavior! If we all took responsibility for ourselves, and stopped blaming everyone else for our problems and our actions, I think the world would be so much better!

- Appreciate what you have: Both of my parents took care of this and put it well on my skin and I thank them. I know it is very difficult, and very often, unfortunately for us, we do not appreciate the value of the things and people that exist in our lives, the period we have them. We usually take situations and people for granted without thinking about what our lives would be like if we did not have what we now take for granted!

- Have patience: The patience I gained over the years is a great thing. Yes, I dare say that I am a patient person (no, but ... let's not get confused) and I also dare to say that my patience is the one that many times made me white-faced and with the upper hand!

The above are what I try to keep, they are the ones that in general growing up helped me to accept situations and things. Thank you Dad! A! I did not just listen to his advice! You are too young to get married (28 years old).