Name Day: Who is celebrating today, Sunday, September 18th

Do not forget to wish those who celebrate

Sweets / Unsplash

Today Sunday 18 September he is the martyr of Saint Ariadne, Saint Eumenios the archbishop of Gortyn, Saint Castor the martyr, Saint Romylos. This means that celebrate the:

  • Ariadne, Ariana
  • Eumenios, Eumenes, Eumenia
  • Castor, Castor, Castor
  • Romylos, Romylios, Romylis, Romyla, Romylia, Romyli, Romylaia

It's also International Volunteer Coastal Cleanup Day.

Sunrise: 07:09

Sunset: 19:29

Duration of the day: 12 hours 20 minutes

Moon 22.6 days