This is the plan to withdraw old vehicles

Its implementation begins on February 4

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The Department of Road Transport of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announced the start of the acceptance of applications for the Plan for the Withdrawal and Replacement of Old Vehicles and the Promotion of an Electric Vehicle.

The start of acceptance of applications is set as Tuesday, 4/2/2020, at 10:00 a.m. Applications can be submitted online at the address and will be accepted until Thursday, 5/3/2020, until 12:00.

According to an announcement published in the GTP, the plan has been posted on the Department's website, in the "News", "Announcements" field:

The present Plan concerns the sponsorship for the withdrawal of vehicles from the circulation and promotion of vehicles with low emissions of carbon dioxide and the Electric Vehicle, in the context of environmental protection measures and the improvement of road safety. The total amount of the sponsorship that will be given is € 3.000.000.

Applications will be accepted for a period of thirty (30) days from the date announced by the Department of Road Transport as the start date for acceptance of applications. If the applications in one of the Sponsorship Categories specified below are less than those provided, the amount remaining unallocated from that category will be allocated to the other category. In case the above amount of € 3.000.000 is not allocated within the first announcement of the Department of Road Transport, the Department, depending on the amount that will remain totally unavailable, may announce a second period of acceptance of applications for the same Plan or extends the period of acceptance of applications that will be announced.

The complete Withdrawal Plan here.