Favorite cafes: We recommend "CASA PIETRA"

One of the famous cafes in the province of Famagusta located in the village of Avgorou

casa pietra Favorite cafes, CASA PIETRA

It all started a few years ago... When a small thought was enriched with innovative ideas and today it operates normally offering the modern consumer, with love and passion, his favorite coffee every day!!! We are talking about CASA PIETRA.

One of the famous cafes in the province of Famagusta located in the village of Avgorou.

casa pietra 1 Favorite cafes, CASA PIETRA

Undoubtedly, everything is inspired by the very identity of the space as it is a marriage of tradition with modern times. The cafe takes place in a restored building made of stone, hence its Italian name, which in Greek means "stone house". What makes it stand out is the special character of the building combined with careful decorative techniques and earthy colors that turn it into an artistically tasteful atmospheric space with a vintage aesthetic.

casa pietra Favorite cafes, CASA PIETRA

It is also worth noting that the cafeteria area gives patrons the opportunity to relax and work. One can easily take advantage of the interior space that exudes warmth and tranquility for reading, meetings, etc. On the other hand, the outside space? It is the touch that makes the space look idyllic since it consists of an outdoor courtyard, where you can enjoy your meals at any time of the day.

casa pietra 5 Favorite cafes, CASA PIETRA

Finally, the visitor can clearly enjoy the coffee of his choice, from the hands of experienced baristas with great care and skill. Apart from this, however, you can find other drinks with a variety of flavors, hot and cold, so that it is possible to serve all tastes. And of course, all this could not be combined with snacks and sweets that you can find in the store in question!

casa pietra 2 Favorite cafes, CASA PIETRA

For these and many other reasons CASA PIETRA has been the daily haunt for young and old for five years.