Famagusta Province: 10 favorite cafes for good coffee and more... (Editors' Choice)

We select and recommend ten favorite cafes from Paralimni to Avgorou for quality coffee and a nice atmosphere.

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A good coffee makes your day. This, of course, applies to some. Some others choose a fresh juice or a tea. Some others some other drink, hot or cold, a toast, a sandwich or even brunch.

Be that as it may, it is certain that coffee shops, which certainly have the above, have entered our lives for good. The good coffees and other delicious drinks, the fresh snacks they offer and in general the high quality meals they offer, have become an integral part of the daily life of many of us.

Famagusta.News, on the occasion of World Coffee Day (October 1st), presents its favorite cafes in Famagusta District and at the same time recommends them to those who wish to try tasty coffees and delicious snacks and sweets.

These are The Loop, The Amphitheater Bar n more, Suelto Cafe, Second Cup Ayia Napa, Liquid cafe n' bar, MIKEL Paralimni, Maccadam All day, Costa Coffee, Casa Pietra and Boxeat coffee and healthy snacks.

The relevant list and a few words about each cafe:


If for you the coffee shop is simply a break from everyday life and simply breaks the routine for a short period of time, for The Amphitheater bar & more it is a journey through time, tradition and culture.

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If you are looking for something different, something that will take you out of the ordinary and take you on a journey to another world, then The Amphitheater bar & more is the place to be.

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An all day concept that is offered for all hours of the day and can accommodate all age ranges. The playground accommodates our little friends and the bar the adults!

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2. BOXEAT Coffee and Healthy snacks, Paralimni

He came to stay and offer moments of incredible flavors to his guests.

The reason for "BOXEAT coffee and healthy snacks" which is located on 1st of April Street in Paralimni, and serves its customers in its beautifully decorated space, but also through take away and delivery orders.

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This is a relatively new coffee shop that opened with specific goals. To offer delicious and healthy options to its customers. The name "Healthy Snacks" is not just a coincidence, since the employees of the store make sure to offer fresh, tasty and naturally healthy products to its customers.

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3. CASA PIETRA, Avgorou

It all started a few years ago... When a small thought was enriched with innovative ideas and today it operates normally offering the modern consumer, with love and passion, his favorite coffee every day!!! We are talking about CASA PIETRA.

casa pietra 1 Favorite cafes, exclusive

One of the famous cafes in the province of Famagusta located in the village of Avgorou.

casa pietra 2 Favorite cafes, exclusive

Undoubtedly, everything is inspired by the very identity of the space as it is a marriage of tradition with modern times. The cafe takes place in a restored building made of stone, hence its Italian name, which in Greek means "stone house". What makes it stand out is the special character of the building combined with careful decorative techniques and earthy colors that turn it into an artistically tasteful atmospheric space with a vintage aesthetic.

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4. COSTA COFFEE, Protaras & Ayia Napa

Costa Coffee Cyprus: Inspiring Cyprus to love great coffee!

Costa Coffee was created in 1971 in London by two Italian brothers, Sergio and Bruno Costa with a vision to inspire the world to love good quality coffee. Today Costa Coffee is the largest coffee chain in Europe with 4.071 stores in 32 countries and over 3.500 partners. In Cyprus the first Costa Coffee store opened its doors in 2005 and since then the passion and dedication to providing high quality coffee experiences has led to the opening of 24 more stores all over Cyprus.

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Costa Coffee always pursues innovation, which is why the chain has launched 2 years ago the Costa Coffee Club Cyprus app available to users via Google Play & App Store and through which owners enjoy a series of exclusive privileges. Costa Coffee customers have embraced the app with great enthusiasm and Costa Coffee Club Cyprus maintains over 50.000 active members.

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5. LIQUID CAFE n' BAR, Αγία Νάπα

Liquid Café n' Bar is the busiest cafe in the province of Famagusta and has managed to win over its elite customers by offering the most beautiful tasting excursions. It is no coincidence that for years it has been a constant value in the catering industry due to its unique food and drink options.

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Fine coffee, unique dishes in taste and appearance, imaginative cocktails, delicious sweets, all made by experienced staff, who are always ready to welcome and impress each customer with passion and dedication.

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Always using the best raw materials, Liquid Café n' Bar offers its customers the best taste journeys by creating dishes with unique culinary touches that win even the most demanding palate.

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6. THE LOOP, Paralimni

Brunch. Coffee. Life.

Where to start and where to end...

"The Loop" came in September 2020 to "stir" the waters and offer multiple options, aiming to satisfy all tastes. In a few words.. excellent Brunch, delicious fresh juices, coffees and delicious sweets.

THE LOOP2 Favorite cafes, exclusive

But let's start with its excellent location, which is on the busiest street in Paralimni, 1st of April Street. A place with impressive and modern decoration, pet-friendly, which gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the meal and drink of your choice. A! The best thing is that the place is ideal for both winter and summer, since it can be so cool and so warm respectively. The staff of the store do not even need introductions, since on your first visit you will be won over by their smile and their good mood, with the aim of providing you with excellent service.


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7. MACCADAM ALL DAY, Paralimni

Renewed and full of promise, "Maccadam All day" declares its presence again this year. This is a shop that needs no introduction since it introduced us to brunch and introduced brunch to our everyday life. It has become known all over Cyprus and is famous for the detail it has in its decoration combined with its delicious dishes and its unique drinks that follow the lines of the Greek All Day shops.

MACCADAM5 Favorite cafes, exclusive

Without wasting a moment, those in charge and the renowned chef of the restaurant, created this year the renewed menu that promises new taste pleasures for bruch lovers but has many surprises in store for us since at the end of October several all day dishes will be incorporated to serve even the most demanding customers any time of the day.

MACCADAM4 Favorite cafes, exclusive

A menu overflowing with options sweet, savory, cosmopolitan flavors some of them vegetarian but even healthier that cater to all tastes.

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8. MICHAEL, Paralimni

The new cafe Mikel Coffee in Paralimni, has already gained impressions, in addition to the quality coffee that has already acquired fanatical fans!

Mikel Coffee in Paralimni is spread over a huge area, with a careful design, a spacious children's playground, a large parking area at the back, a separate smoking area and a meeting room, where it can host group work and important meetings, creating a truly special experience beyond the ordinary.

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Great coffee, from the best varieties and in your favorite version, a huge variety of drinks, delicious croissants and delicious waffles, crepes and pancakes. An explosion of flavors adapted to your preferences and taste buds!

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Phone for Delivery, Take-Away and Drive-Thru: 23 722966

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9. SECOND CUP, Αγία Νάπα

Not much introduction is needed when talking about the Second Cup in Ayia Napa.

The well-known coffee chain since 2018 is located in one of the most beautiful spots in Ayia Napa, near the harbor and came to beautify the moments of both locals and tourists visiting the area.

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A cafe that is exceptionally decorated and designed, to be able to serve its customers equally well and comfortably both in winter and in summer.

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Having a wide variety of coffees and drinks, it can satisfy the "wants" of every customer, while the multitude of options in brunch, sweets and various other snacks can complete the perfect outing for relaxation and fun for a group.

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10. SUELTO CAFE, Sotira

If you are a lover of quality coffee and are looking for a new experience of enjoyment and satisfaction, you should definitely visit Suelto Café!

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With one visit, you will find that the comfortable parking space, the welcoming service, the accompanying options of savory and sweet, the extremely relaxing indoor and outdoor space and the curated drinks, constitute the most ideal coffee shop in the area.

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Specifically, Suelto café is located at 1 Paralimniou Street, in Sotira and also has a free delivery service by calling 99021346.

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