"Death from a car accident is the hardest and most unjust…"

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No death on the road is acceptable…

Is there a worse feeling than this? Tell parents that your child was killed in a car accident?

I wish we could put an end to the mass production of death and disability in the traffic network.

Today is World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Established in 1993 by the European Federation of Road Accident Victims (FEBRUARY) and is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of November. Twelve years later it became global when it was adopted by the UN General Assembly (resolution 60/5 of 26 October 2005).

Goal of the day…

It is to remember and honor the millions of dead and injured in road accidents and to make every effort to avoid deaths and injuries that can be avoided in the future. 

Emotional messages from people who lost their loved ones in car accidents

Marina Kyriakou (Paphos)

"I do not want other mothers to cry! I tremble every time I hear about a car accident μας Our children go out and we do not know if they will return. My son was 22 years old, went out at night with his friends and never came back…

A car accident deprived me of the most important thing in my life, my child. I want something done and I believe that the one who can do it is the manades. Only they can because it is different for the child, the mother, to lose ".


Marios Mitsidis (Forest of Achnas)

"I lost my brother in a car accident, he was only 19 years old. I know how difficult it is… I hope to reduce road accidents as much as possible, not to blacken other houses. I wish it from the bottom of my soul! "  


 Andreas Zakhaios (Larnaca)

"I lost my son in a car accident, he wanted 3 months to turn 18. It is the worst loss for the parent, no one can describe the pain…

 But we must find the strength to continue for the sake of our other children. We must also support other families who are experiencing the same situation. Oh my god!!! "May a way be found to reduce road accidents, so that no more human blood is spilled on the asphalt."     


Lettuce Siakalli (Avgorou)

«My son was 24 years old and I lost him 24 years ago from a car accident. I want to wish all the mothers of the world who were not bitter, never to drink this bitter glass. What we drank we lost children. Always keep their children well, other car accidents are enough. No more pain! "    


Andreas Dimitriou (Limassol)

"I lost my sister in a car accident, she was 30 years old. I hope there are no more car accidents, that lives are not so unjustly erased. Families should not face such tragic situations.

 We must all drive very carefully for the good of ourselves and especially of our fellow human beings. Those who are not guilty of anything ". 


Utensils by Aresti Papageorgiou (Kivisili)

"My child was 18 years old and he was a soldier. He cooled down on the asphalt, just 5 days after he became a father. Oh my god!!! No more blood on the asphalt! Finally, to become more conscientious drivers in Cyprus and to learn to count on our fellow man us".


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