Facebook: A big change is coming! This can be tried by users (Photo)

New "image" for Facebook

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In recent years it has managed to be at the top of the preferences of internet users and it would not be an exaggeration to say that for some it is a big part of their daily lives.

Facebook, about which we are writing to you, is preparing to bring another big change. In fact, for some users this change has already arrived, while some of them have had the opportunity to try new data.

Facebook recently promised a radical change.

FacebookNew02 Facebook, CHANGES

This change is for a renewed design in mobile application and web

FacebookNew03 Facebook, CHANGES

In fact, some users have reached the change in design.

FacebookNew01 Facebook, CHANGES

Some of them had the ability to use their own layout.

FacebookNew05 Facebook, CHANGES

The choice was between white and black layout.

FacebookNew04 Facebook, CHANGES

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