Angelina Jolie reveals when the problems with Brad Pitt started

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Their separation fell like a bomb in the international soubise scene, and since then we have read several articles about the two, either about their unexpected separation or about a possible reconnection (for the most romantic) for their six children. and not only.

The reason for this is that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who after the scandalous divorce revealed in the respective interviews that the divorce process was not easy for either of them.

Angelina Jolie, while promoting her new film "First They Killed My Father" a while ago, had admitted that filing for divorce after two years of marriage and six children was a difficult process, while she told the Telegraph.

"It simply came to our notice then. "But I're really just trying to get through my days," the 42-year-old said three months ago. "I do not like being free. It's not something I wanted. There are no good and bad, there is nothing good about it. It's hard".


Jolie - pit


However, the well-known actress wanted to reveal other aspects of her separation by speaking to "The Hollywood Reporter", revealing when the first problems in their relationship began to appear.

Asked what it was like working with Brad Pitt on "The Sea", she noted that the problems were particularly apparent during filming, and also noted that at that time, their marriage had already begun to take a turn for the worse. that the main reason he decided to work with Brad Pitt on this film was because he thought it would be a solution to save him. 

The big divorce came in 2016, but as she said, the big problems had already started during the filming of this movie. She, however, believed that such a big project it would bring them closer, but unfortunately this never happened. 

"We met working together and worked very well together. I wanted to do a more serious job together. I thought it would be a good way to communicate. " 

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For her, however, this period was one of the most difficult ever in her life, since in addition to her separation from Brad Pitt, she lost her mother, underwent mastectomy while at the same time having health problems that she had to deal with.

"After the mastectomy I had the issue of ovarian cancer that I also had surgery and other things that happened in my life. I probably wrote the play because writing is something therapeutic or something difficult. I do not know ", he revealed to add a little later:" I can say that Brad and I learned a few things. But there was a tightening, possibly due to the situation going on and not because of the movie. It was something we were facing. "Things happen for different reasons."

"But I'm glad we made this film together, because we discovered things together. Whatever it was, it may not have solved specific problems, but we managed to communicate something that needed to be done between us, "Jolie concluded.