MP Panikos Leonidou: Proposal for a law to regulate the pensions of divorced spouses

Which cases does the proposal concern?

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DIKO MP Panikos Leonidou submitted a proposal to the Labor Committee of the Parliament today, in order, as he said, for a fairer settlement of these issues between the spouses.

Specifically, the bill touches on two different cases of divorced spouses passing away.

As Mr. Leonidou stated in his statements after the end of the meeting, the first case concerns a man who marries the same wife twice, after the mediation of a divorce. "It is proposed that the entire period during which the two persons were married (the total period of marital cohabitation), be taken into account in the calculation of the widow's pension, after the husband dies," the MP explained.

The second case concerns the case of a spouse who dies after having performed more than one marriage. In this case, Mr. Leonidou suggested that "the pension be distributed proportionally to the living spouses, based on the duration of each marriage".

The MP noted that "these proposals are intended to create conditions of equality between spouses" and called for these issues to be considered carefully, with examples from the legislation of other countries, such as Greece where "there is such a regulation, which is also fair and correct, "he said.

"We have pointed out to the services a problem that society is facing and we must see it in its proper dimensions," he said, stressing that neither spouse should be wronged through this legislative venture.