Louis Patsalidis became an "experimental animal" in National Geographic (PHOTO)

fffff Alpha Cyprus, National Geographic, Louis Patsalidis

Louis Patsalidis is ready to make history once again.

And no, it's not for the sweeping satirical performances or the big ratings with the 40s that the show "hits" every Friday, elevating Alpha to the top of the television preference for the public. He already has these firsts and they are known.

The subversive stand-up comedian surpasses himself and the expectations of all of us and prepares to become... a National Geographic test animal. As reported on social media, Andreas Vassiliou, Production Director of Alpha Cyprus who is behind this move, Louis Patsalidis and Panagiotis Kyriakou will provide a DNA sample which will be sent to analysis laboratories in Houston to be investigated and revealed in in conclusion their genetic heritage and their countries or tribes of origin up to 60.000 years ago.

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So the time has come for Louis, Panagiotis, us and National Geographic to find out in which race of the past these genes of satire are hidden, who were their ancestors and how they evolved over the years. Who knows they may be descendants of the Incas, Indians, Sumerians, Maasai, Mongol Empire or even Pharaohs.

A DNA sample left the station's premises a while ago and the day of the great truth is approaching. And if the saying is true that we are our... past we will soon find out who the real Louis Patsalidis and Panagiotis Kyriakou are.

Waiting for the revelations..