Five items of the house that you should not forget to clean

And while you have finished all the housework and you think you have everything to perfection, in fact

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And while you have finished all the housework and think you have it all to perfection, in reality this is not the case. This is because your house remains dirty, as there are some points in it that most people forget or do not think about cleaning so regularly.

However, especially now with coronavirus you need to be very careful and meticulous. In fact, some spots are home to most germs.

See below what they are:


We assume that you know how to wash your bedroom pillows often, but what about the elegant sofa cushions? Whether you use them to support your feet after a busy day at work, or to rest your head while watching TV, one thing is for sure: the pillows accumulate dead skin cells, dust mites and dirt. Be sure to remove the covers frequently and wash them in the washing machine.

The kitchen trash can

Is there a foul odor in your kitchen even when you have thrown away the rubbish? It may be due to food debris and bacteria left in the trash. Try cleaning it with disinfectant and clean water.

Curtains and wallpapers

They may seem obvious to the naked eye but curtains and wall hangings are traps for everything from pollen and dust to bacteria and mold. Check the label and see if you can clean them in the washing machine or if it needs professional cleaning.

Bathroom decoration

You will be amazed at how many bacteria are in the cup in which you hold your toothbrush. Clean all small bathroom items with antiseptic spray.

Knobs, switches

You often grab the knobs and switches with dirty hands and forget to disinfect them, resulting in germs. With an antiseptic spray, make a pass.