The package of measures for covid-19 and China

In the Ministerial measures to stop its spread COVID-19 from China and abroad – With test travelers from China, masks on flights to Cyprus

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Sentence with four new measures will present during the meeting of the Council of Ministers today the Ministry of Health, with the aim of stopping the spread of new variants of the Omicron mutation of COVID-19 from China and other foreign countries.

As the Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, mentioned, after a meeting he had with members of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SEC) at the Ministry, yesterday, the measures are proposed after examining the relevant recommendations of the European Commission, and according to the epidemiological data, which show increase in cases of the virus in Cyprus.

Specifically, the Ministry's proposal includes as measures the demonstration of a negative 48-hour PCR test of all travelers traveling from China to Cyprus, the mask compliance recommendation and strict adherence to hygiene measures on all flights to Cyprus and in all closed areas, random spot checks at airports, on travelers traveling to Cyprus, and waste water testing airplanes and airports.

Answering a question about the epidemiological situation in Cyprus today, Mr. Hatzipantela said that there was some increase in cases of COVID-19, which is monitored. "There is no complacency, we have had a much more difficult time, it is not time to panic and if we have to take additional measures, we will take them immediately", he said.

In response to a question about the arrangements for the conduct of the elections, said the aim is to give everyone the chance to vote. "The right to vote is sacred, so some relaxations will be given, if the epidemiological data allow it, that is, if we do not have an outbreak of the virus", he noted, adding that those who are positive for the virus will also have the opportunity to vote.

"People will be given the opportunity to vote, even if they are positive for the virus, at certain times, provided certain strict protocols are followed", explained the Minister. He mentioned that regarding the participation of the public in the elections, some decisions have been made, but they will be finalized in the next period, as the epidemiological data are constantly changing, as he said.

Source: KYPE