Famagusta: Erdogan's visit to the enclosed city frame by frame (VIDEO)

The property will be settled through the "real estate committee" stated by the enclosed Famagusta, Erdogan - Tatar

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"Our 'e / k neighbors' can claim the return of their property through the 'real estate committee'," said Turkish leader Ersin Tatar from enclosed Famagusta, with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on his side. troubled because "this beauty I saw was kept away from the public for so many years".

Erdoγan and Tatar, accompanied by the Turkish President and the President of the MHP, Devlet Bahçeli, went to the fenced-in town near the Serenisima apartment complex on Kenoτιo Avenue on Paraenko Avenue around 16.30 pm and in heavy rain. There, Erdogan and Tatar sat in the white gazebo built overlooking the sea. The statements were made around 17.30.

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Ersin Tatar said that they are ready to open the closed part of Famagusta, adding that in the context of the give-and-take, the fenced city of Famagusta was included in various proposals, and in relation to the issue of direct flights, but all were rejected by the e / k side.

That is why, he said, we considered that the old owners should now be given the right, through the "real estate committee" to acquire their properties here. This issue, he added, was first discussed internally and after receiving the support of the Turkish President and the Turkish government, they took the step. This step, he said, is a human step, it will contribute to the development of this beautiful area, "we did it for the restoration of human rights".

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Tatar said he wanted to address our "e / k neighbors" that they could apply for the return of their property in this way, through the "real estate committee".

"After seeing the closed area of ​​Famagusta, one has to wonder why, as north and south, these places with all this beauty were kept away from the world," said Tayyip Erdogan, saying that the Greek Cypriots through real estate committee "will be able to acquire their properties in Famagusta and after that," the issue here will be resolved ".

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We said to take a step, to go a distance, because the international community has never taken into account the pseudo-state in the fair distribution, the Turkish President said, saying that after the 2004 referendum and despite warnings, the EU made "southern Cyprus" a member. - in his expression - and left "northern Cyprus" in isolation.

As a person who took part in those talks, Erdogan continued, referring to the period of negotiations on the Annan plan, "it is not easy to digest the injustice done to the tvk", as the pseudo-state called it. "Now, we have to cut the umbilical cord (SS: they will determine their own path)."

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A new process has now begun quickly, with work being done in Famagusta, Erdogan added, adding that it is clear who the real owners of the area are here "and they are waiting for the day when they will meet".

The website Humber Cyprus writes that the menu at the picnic was round with seftal, patties and meatball porridge, while for dessert katimeri, baklava and baklava with peanuts.

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Due to the rain and the delay in the program of the Turkish President, his entourage were led directly to the White House - kiosk overlooking the sea and after the statements left for Nicosia, where the inauguration of the new pandemic hospital will take place. which was built in about two months with money from Turkey.

The Erdogan-Tatar meeting is expected to take place after the opening of the hospital, it will be closed to the media while the press conference of the two men was canceled.

The Turkish President and his entourage will depart by two planes tonight from the occupied territories.

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