AirBnB is announcing a job in occupied Famagusta

Screenshot 2019 01 12 20.53.38 airbnb

An unprecedented challenge to the Republic of Cyprus was recently launched by AirBnB. The international and popular platform for renting private premises, announced a job for the occupied Famagusta.

Screenshot 2019 01 12 21.06.27 airbnb

In fact, in the posted post of the platform on social media, there were also comments from Greek Cypriot users, who pointed out the correct name of Famagusta.

IMG 7218 airbnb

However, it is worth noting that AirBnb features a number of establishments in occupied Famagusta and in occupied Cyprus in general, which attract a large number of positive comments from foreign tourists who go on vacation.

See a typical example of a villa in occupied Karpasia:

Screenshot 2019 01 12 20.59.36 airbnb Screenshot 2019 01 12 20.59.45 airbnb Screenshot 2019 01 12 21.03.19 airbnb