Dense fog covered Ayia Napa – What is the explanation for the phenomenon (PICTURES)

A veil of fog covered Ayia Napa

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Dense fog covered Ayia Napa on the afternoon of Wednesday 03/04.

Specifically, as can be seen in the photos, visibility is reduced due to the dense fog.

According to kitasweather, this is Advection Fog. Meteo states that “it is formed when a mass of warm air passes over a cold surface. For example, if warm air masses located over the sea are transported over land (whose surface temperature in winter is usually lower than that of the sea), they cool again resulting in the condensation of water vapor and the formation of fog. Transport fog can form at any time of the day, unlike radiation fog which usually forms at night. Drift fog dissipates when the wind direction changes or the surface wind strengthens. The image below shows the process of fog transport formation.

See pictures:

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