District of Famagusta: Transportation is changing - What does the SVAK provide for?

A grandiose strategic plan for transportation is being implemented in the free province of Famagusta

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A grandiose strategic plan for transportation is being implemented in the free province of Famagusta.

This is the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan which is being implemented by the Government and aims to transform the entire province into a more sustainable one in terms of travel and in general pedestrian and vehicle mobility.

For the strategic planning of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, public consultations have been held in all the local authorities that are actively involved in its formulation, and next month it is expected to be examined by the Environmental Authority, so that similar actions can be initiated by the Department of Public Works, in order to announce the relevant tenders for the implementation of projects.

The strategic planning gives great importance to the promotion of bicycle traffic as well as the expansion of the bicycle network, the installation of advanced traffic lights, the technologies of intelligent transport systems as well as the creation of areas more friendly to pedestrian traffic.

Among the measures is the creation of more infrastructure for pedestrians, such as intersections, the strengthening of lighting as well as the establishment of a 30 km zone system within the central network.

Finally, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the province of Famagusta as well as for the rest of the regions, follows the general objectives of the European Union for transport and focuses on economic efficiency, environmental sustainability and is expected to improve accessibility, safety and the quality of life of citizens .