Famagusta District: 3 citizens were reported after 388 inspections

The Force carried out a total of 2.144 inspections throughout free Cyprus.

police 17.8.20 6 exclusive, safe pass, complaints, measures

The Police proceeded with complaints of 10 citizens and 6 premises for violation of the protection measures against the spread of the coronavirus, in the last 24 hours.

As an official of the Police Communication Branch stated to KYPE during the last 24 hours, the Force carried out a total of 2.144 checks throughout free Cyprus.

In Nicosia 687 inspections were carried out and 4 citizens and 5 premises were reported, in Limassol 184 inspections were carried out with complaints of 2 citizens, in Larnaca one citizen was reported after 498 inspections, in Paphos 1 premises was reported after 153 inspections, in Famagusta 3 citizens were reported 388 inspections, while in the area of ​​Morfos 133 inspections were carried out without any complaints.

Finally, the Traffic Departments carried out 101 inspections without any complaints.

The four out-of-court settlements in Nicosia concerned a complaint of an employee without a safe pass with a fine of 500 euros each, while in the fifth a fine of 1500 euros was imposed because a guest without a safe pass was identified.

The premises in Paphos were reported because the person in charge did not have a safe pass and a fine of 500 euros was imposed.