Famagusta Province: New illegal arrival of 54 Syrians - They arrived in a wooden boat

Locating a boat with 54 irregular immigrants in the Cabo Greco area – The Coast Guard was mobilized

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An alarm was given to the Port and Maritime Police at noon on Saturday when a boat carrying illegal immigrants was detected by the radar.

Three Coastal and Maritime Police vessels rushed to the scene where the wooden boat was intercepted 7 nautical miles southeast of Cabo Greco.

The boat was overloaded and was found to be carrying 54 irregular migrants from Syria. Specifically, 38 men, three women and 13 children were on board the boat, seven of whom are unaccompanied.

The irregular migrants were boarded on the vessels of the Coastal and Maritime Police and transported safely to the Golden Coast fishing sanctuary in Paralimni where their details were recorded.

The police proceeded to arrest an immigrant to facilitate investigations, while the remaining 53 irregular immigrants were transferred to the Pournara Temporary Accommodation Center in Kokkinotrimithia.

Source: KYPE