BRAKER: Event for the 200 years of the Greek Revolution (Program)

Giannis Karousos invited to an event of the Community Council of Frenaros for the 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 2021

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An event for the 200 years of the Greek Revolution will be held in Frenaros, tomorrow Friday, by the Frenaros Community Council. 

The event will take place at 8:00 p.m. in the amphitheater of the Community Council of Frenaro.

The whole event has been put under the auspices of the Honorable Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Mr. Giannis Karousou, while the speaker will be the professor of the University of Cyprus Dr. Petros Papapoliviou.

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 "I Fight the General"
Singing: community singers and priests

 Greeting from the president of K.S. Frenarou, Michalis Hatzigiorka

 Greeting from the Honorable Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Mr.
Giannis Karousos

 "The Oath of Friends"
Participants: Fr. Chariton Theodorou, George Papaioannou

. Speech by the Associate Professor of the Department of History and Archeology
University of Cyprus, Ph.D. Petros Papapoliviou

 Narration by Mr. Iakovos Filippidis, descendant of the hero Giannis Pasaportis, the
who fought in Messolonghi in 1826

Recitation of the poem "Where is your dowry by God" by Kosmas Oikonomou

Recitation of the poem "T 'amamata" by Eleni Makridi

 Interpretation of anniversary songs by Theodoulos Papageorgiou. On the violin
Panagiotis Anglogallos.

- "Thorium"

- "Silence of the grave's silence"

- "In the rugged mountains"

 Greek dances by the dance group "Kimon Xylotympou"

- Kalamatianos ("Hello, poor world")

-Tsamiko ("Androutsou's mother is happy")

-Syrtos at three ("Forty lads")

- Berati

Teaching dances: Christakis Koryzis

 Performance of honorary plaques

 National Anthem



Program presentation: Ekaterini Papaioannou

Audiovisual material editing: Dimitris Kafouris, Georgia Papaioannou

Lighting and sound manager:

Reception - registration of guests: Costas Michael, Christiana Siopaha, members
Κ.Σ. Frenaru

Photography: Costas Ilias, member of K.S. Frenaru

Visualization: George Kokkinos

Sign making: Kokkinochorion High School of Panos Ioannou

General supervision and curation of the event: Georgios Raftis, member of K.S. Frenaru

"One Saturday night, on Lazarus day, I passed by Anteliko
and from Messolonghi. And I practiced masculine cries, female obituaries. "They did not weep for the murder, they did not weep for the murder, only 'weep' that saved the bread and hunger is not sustained."