Kleanthis Koutsoftas: My proposal for Social Policy (VIDEO)

DISY candidate Kleanthis Koutsoftas presented his proposal for Social Policy

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The presentation of his proposal on social policy was made by the DISY MP candidate, Kleanthis Koutsoftas.

This is the post with the sentence:

"The deteriorating economic environment caused by the financial crisis and recession of 2013 and the consequent increase in social welfare needs have made social policy an immediate priority, as it is generally accepted that social cohesion and social inclusion are key preconditions for sustainable economic growth.

The main goal should be to strengthen and ensure the dignity of the rights of vulnerable groups of the population, to improve their quality of life, to integrate them socially and to develop them to the maximum of their potential (eg individuals and families in need of support). including seniors, women with dependents in the family, recipients of privileged benefits, people with disabilities, immigrants, third-country nationals and persons under protection, etc.).

⮚ Suggestion:

● Affordable housing:

- Utilization of alternative housing policies implemented in different countries, such as housing subsidies for families who can not pay market rents, a combination of stricter regulations and incentives that will lead to a downward trend in the size of new homes, implementation of rental plans for the market , but also change the purpose of use of empty buildings in affordable housing.

- Any new residential development is obliged to dedicate a minimum number of units of the total project to affordable housing units of different types, e.g. affordable rent and joint ownership (co-ownership with local authorities).

- Adoption of tax incentives to encourage the development of a specialized Housing Market for the Elderly and Persons Supported Living.

* Complete restructuring of the Social Welfare Services and the institution of the Neighborhood Social Worker, with a focus on providing support and quality services to vulnerable groups.

* Expansion of the institution of informal care at home.

* Targeted incentives for having a second child, as well as further strengthening of large families, through the reinstatement of tax exemptions.

* Granting care services to all preschool children, regardless of income criteria.

* Providing strong incentives to businesses to create childcare facilities near work.

* Offer affordable and quality pre-school education and care, especially to children from disadvantaged families, with the aim of facilitating the integration of parents in the labor market and the smooth integration and development of children in the education system.

* Horizontal and targeted Subsidized Employment Plans in combination with on-the-job training with emphasis on vulnerable populations

* Measures to reconcile work and family life including flexible forms of employment etc.

* Interventions to identify, raise awareness and activate young people in the labor market with an emphasis on those who are out of work, education or training

* Modernization of institutions in the labor market (eg Public Employment Service).

* Expansion of the institution of escorts for the full integration of children with special needs in schools

* Establishment of a Multidisciplinary Assessment and Intervention Center for Children with Autism.

* Strengthening the administrative capacity of the involved organizations of People with Disabilities.

* Creation of a National Database for Disability, which will be a platform to support various relevant policies, such as social benefits, home care services, supported community living, vocational rehabilitation, etc.

* Strengthening the staffing of the Department of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities with a core core of permanent staff, in combination with the purchase of services, to ensure the effectiveness of the services it provides ".

Pressing HERE you can see the complete package of proposals by Kleanthis Koutsoftas.