KLEANTHIS KOUTSOFTAS: "My proposal for youth entrepreneurship" (VIDEO)

DISY candidate Kleanthis Koutsoftas presented his proposal on youth entrepreneurship

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Kleanthis Koutsoftas presented their first proposal.

The candidate for MP of DISY, in various television panels that was found, stressed several times that he will present his proposals before May 30 and the holding of the Parliamentary Elections, so that the citizens can evaluate them.

It seems that Kleanthis Koutsoftas started to implement this, presenting in detail his first position, which concerns Youth Entrepreneurship.

See his post in detail:

"Youth unemployment rates are still high. In this context, the promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship is a crucial policy, with significant social implications but also economic benefits.
Therefore, we should develop, support and further promote entrepreneurship in young people through a series of incentives, funding of actions and training seminars. 


⮚ Suggestion: 

  • Further strengthen the existing Youth Entrepreneurship Support Plan, co-financed by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund of the EU, mainly in terms of speeding up the control and approval procedures. 
  • Implementation of a program similar to "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs" that will enable young candidates to work for 6 months in a company participating in the program, thus providing the opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to run a business.
  • Introduction of entrepreneurship courses in universities, regardless of the field of study, in order to develop the innovative spirit of our students.
  • Creating entrepreneurship research programs in order to educate and train academics in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Substantial support for our young people to turn their business ideas into viable start-ups, by providing adequate guidance in legal proceedings and government bureaucracy (eg setting up a Youth Entrepreneurship Advisory Service).  
  • Introduction of a state online competition for participants up to 40 years old. For the winners, the state will undertake all the registration procedures, the relevant costs and free consulting services will be provided for one year from the start of the company's operations ".

Pressing HERE you can see the complete package of proposals by Kleanthis Koutsoftas.