Kleanthis Koutsoftas: Proposal for the Agricultural and Fisheries Policy (VIDEO)

The presentation of his proposals is given by the Famagusta MP Candidate with the Democratic Alarm, Kleanthis Koutsoftas. 

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The presentation of his proposals is given by the Famagusta MP Candidate with the Democratic Alarm, Kleanthis Koutsoftas. 

As he mentioned, before May 30, where the Parliamentary Elections are scheduled, he will submit a comprehensive package of proposals on various issues concerning the citizens, in order to be aware of his positions and views in each field.

This time, he has published his new proposal, which concerns Agricultural and Fisheries Policy

The proposal in detail

"Due to the phenomenon of astyphilia, rural areas, and especially the most remote from urban centers, show population deforestation, lack of business activities and job opportunities, aging population composition, degraded basic infrastructure and not attracting a sufficiently large number of tourists.

The picture is opposite in the coastal areas, which show significant growth due to maritime tourism, as well as in the lowland / suburban areas due to their proximity and ease of access to urban centers.

At the same time, however, they face similar problems and challenges to those in urban areas, such as the sustainable management of solid waste, the more efficient use of water resources, sustainable transport, the use of information and communication technologies both for the provision of public services. as well as for private companies, the improvement of social service infrastructure.

"As far as the fisheries and aquaculture areas are concerned, which include mainly coastal areas, a declining trend in fishing activity, an aging fishermen, while there is a need to diversify economic activities in these areas to reduce their economic dependence on fishing." 

⮚ Suggestion:

Agricultural Sector: 

  • Investment in agricultural technology (agricultural technology):

- In collaboration with local universities and related bodies, implementation of programs for obtaining agricultural degrees of high technical specialization, so that young people develop skills and training required to meet business needs.
- Students should have the opportunity to gain work experience relevant to their degree, with a year of internship in the industry (eg internships on farms or companies implementing agro-technology solutions).
- Provision of financial sponsorship to young people who wish to study agriculture either in Cyprus or abroad.

  • Introduction of a mixed model of Agricultural Insurance, where the state assumes 50% of the loss.
  • Preparation of new plans and incentives for the activity of young or new farmers.
  • Reduction of the time for payment of compensations due to losses.


  • Ask the communities and the competent bodies to jointly submit proposals for the creation of projects, with information on the required funding and the benefits that will arise, which the State should evaluate with a positive disposition.
  • Promotion and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage of the areas, as well as the areas of cultural activities through relevant and targeted actions of the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Enhancing the access and connectivity of rural areas with urban centers.
  • Provide tax incentives or grants for renovations, thus promoting sustainable development, authentic Cypriot architecture, traditional products and local culture and cuisine.
  • Restoration of building infrastructure and / or open spaces in degraded areas.
  • Construction of new or rehabilitation of existing infrastructure for the provision of social services and / or health and / or education services
  • Upgrading the services provided to young children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups of the population.
  • Construction of new or restoration of existing infrastructure related to the development of the tourism sector

Coastal areas: 

  • Development of infrastructure to encourage the use of public transport, bicycles and hiking
  • Energy saving and use of renewable energy sources in public buildings and / or public infrastructure.
  • Promoting reuse, separate collection at source and solid waste recycling.

Fishing and aquaculture areas: 

  • Promotion and development of complementary activities with fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Incentives to support the fishing profession and encourage young people to take up the profession.
  • Strengthening social inclusion and labor mobility in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.
  • Education and training of stakeholders to take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities offered by sustainable blue growth and the fisheries tourism sector.

Pressing HERE you can see the complete package of proposals by Kleanthis Koutsoftas.