Contribution by APOEL Famagusta to the Apostolos Pavlos Special School in Liopetri

Screenshot 2020 04 17 20.34.58 APOEL, Apostolos Pavlos Special School, Nea Famagusta, Charity

Members of APOEL Famagusta (Famagusta Crew - Apoel Ultras) donated money to the Apostolos Pavlos Special School in Liopetri today.

This announcement:

"Today we had the honor to attend the Apostolos Pavlos Center in Liopetri. Our purpose was and will be to help our fellow human beings in these difficult days. As APOEL Famagusta we collected a very respectable amount and delivered it to the center. We would also like to refer to those who helped financially and thank them publicly. We, as APOELists in these difficult times, left our fans aside and did our duty. We would like to wish all the children there at school and the people next to them, Happy Easter and Happy Resurrection. Patience and courage.