LIOPETRI: 1st Panhellenic Award at the Primary School of Liopetri II

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The documentary film “Modestos Pantelis: the First Martyr of the Struggle of 1955-59”, produced by the students and teachers of the 4th grade of the Elementary School of Liopetri II, was honored with the XNUMXst Prize in its category in the XNUMXth Panhellenic Student Competition "Cyprus-Greece-Greek Diaspora: Educational Bridges".

In this year's competition participated about 9000 students with 1850 student creations from 245 schools of all levels from Greece, Cyprus and the Greek Diaspora.

The documentary refers to the sacrifice of the hero Modestos Pantelis from Liopetri and focuses mainly on the events of the eve of the start of the liberation struggle of EOKA 1955-59. In the early hours of April 1, 1955, Modestos Pantelis died tragically from an electric shock, when he and Andreas Karyos tried to cause a short circuit in cables on the Avgorou-Liopetri road in order to obscure the Dhekelia epitaph.

The students, under the guidance of teachers George Savvidis and Elena Klassi Solomou, recorded the events through representations and interviews of people who lived directly or indirectly.

Specifically, Apostolos Modestos, the hero's wife, Panagiotis Katsiaris, the wife of Modestos Pantelis's sister, Panagiotis Karyos, son of the hero Andreas Karyos and Michalis Michalios, village, spoke to the students.

The first screening of the film will take place during the in-school celebration for the anniversary of April 1, March 29, 2018, at 9:45 a.m. in the event hall of the Elementary School of Liopetri II in the presence of all participants in the documentary.