LIOPETRI: Adamos Kakouris for cases in "Apostolos Pavlos": "Nobody informed us from the Ministry"

Complaints of the Chairman of the Board of the Special School "Apostolos Pavlos" in Liopetri for the Ministry of Health

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Alarm at the Special School "Apostolos Pavlou" in Liopetri after the detection of confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Specifically, according to the Ministry of Health yesterday, 37 people were confirmed positive for Covid disease - 19.

In his statements, the Chairman of the Board, Adamos Kakouris, stated that the total number of sample checks was 65 and not 52, as announced by the Ministry, while with obvious dissatisfaction he said that no one informed either the school management or the board about the existence of cases within the school.

"Those directly concerned were the first to find out," he said, noting that he expected a different response from the ministry.

Asked about the large dispersion within the institution, he said that due to the situation of the people who study at the institution, who are people who need increased care, the caregivers come in very close contact with them and so they seem to be stuck.

Mr. Kakouris assured that all the protocols were activated quickly, the school was closed, the contacts were tracked and the positive people with the virus were reduced.

He also explained that the foundation operates two 24-hour guest houses for people of the Center whose families are unable or have difficulty in providing them with appropriate care.

"Positive people were isolated in one house under the constant supervision of trained doctors and nurses, while negative people were isolated in the other with caregivers who were not ill," he said.

He also said that the caregivers who were found positive were placed under house arrest.

The institution will be closed for at least 15 days.

Source: KYPE