LIOPETRI: A young girl needs our help - Her fellow villagers were "recruited" (PICTURE)

Humanity lessons in Liopetri - All a fist, to help their fellow villager who needs immediate treatment

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A large charity event is organized in Liopetri, which aims to raise money, which will be given to a young girl who needs immediate treatment. 

"The Cultural Committee of KS, the organized Ensembles and the volunteers of Liopetri, cook with love for financial support of our fellow villager who needs immediate treatment."

The foods that will be sold are:

  • Pork and chicken spit
  • Pork and chicken skewers
  • Kleftiko
  • Roast chicken

The whole effort will be made on Thursday, 16/9 at 18:30, in the parking lot of the grill "Iliad", while contributions will be accepted. 


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