Reference Hospital: 75% of patients are vaccinated, says Dr. Amalia Hatzigianni

Checking certificates will go a long way in addressing specific issues

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The percentage of unvaccinated patients who are treated in the Hospitals of Cyprus amounts to 65%, while in the Reference Hospital it is 75%, said to KYPE Amalia Hatzigianni, Scientific Director of the General Hospitals of Larnaca - Famagusta.

He added that "Today, 20 patients with coronavirus are being treated at the Reference Hospital, five of whom are in the Intensive Care Unit, as they need closer monitoring. The youngest patient is 32 years old and the oldest is 74, the average age of the patients in the hospital is 55 years ".

He mentioned that "The percentage of patients who have not been vaccinated at the Reference Hospital is around 75%, however in all public hospitals in Cyprus this percentage reaches 65%. The Eden Rehabilitation Center in Tersefanou hosts 62 people who will remain until their complete negativity, while today they are expected to be discharged ".

Answering a relevant question, Ms. Hatzigianni said that "compared to other European countries, in Cyprus there is a stability in the admission of patients with coronavirus to hospitals, due to the mass vaccination. However, this should not reassure anyone and in addition to personal hygiene, they need to be persuaded by arguments that people should be vaccinated against Covid-19».

At the same time, he continued, "the number of people receiving the repeat dose of the vaccine must increase."

Ms. Hatzigianni also said that «The fullness of the General Hospital of Famagusta with non Covid-19 patients, has reached 95%. This is due to the exacerbation of other chronic diseases, such as viral infections, cardiac, nephrological and even orthopedic cases, and the Hospital is constantly reshaping according to the needs that exist ".

He also noted that "since the spread of the virus in other European countries is accelerating, we must respect the measures, which are issued from time to time by the Ministry of Health. Due to the arrival of the 5th wave of the coronavirus, we hope not to reach the levels of the previous months, something that will be achieved with the strict implementation of the necessary measures ".

The Scientific Director of the General Hospitals of Larnaca - Famagusta was asked if the scientists are concerned about the fact that the trips from Cyprus to abroad and vice versa, continue, despite the fact that the fifth wave of the coronavirus is now plaguing several European countries.

This "worries us a lot" he replied and added that "for this very reason should be given great importance and attention to SafePass, rapid test and PCR. "Regular inspections must be carried out at all points of entry in the country and the reliability of the relevant certificates must be checked by all, so that no problems are created".

At the same time he expressed the appreciation that "The verification of the certificates with the new verification application of the European digital certificates Covid that has recently started in Cyprus, will help a lot in the treatment and the solution of the specific problems".