Unedited footage from the sacrifice of Solomos Solomos in Deryneia (VIDEO)

August 14, 1996. 26-year-old Solomos Solomou from Paralimni, cousin of the savagely murdered Tassos Isaac, climbs into the mast of the occupation to lower the Turkish sail from the Deryneia roadblock.

With a cigarette on his lips, he escapes from the blue helmets, climbs into the mast and is cowardly killed by Turkish snipers, under the watchful eye of the then occupation leader, Rauf Dentkas.

Solomos' murder is recorded live on television. Solomos falls dead from a bullet in the neck. Chaos ensues with the Turks firing indiscriminately.

The barbarity of the conquerors is shown once again, just three days after the savage assassination of Tassos Isaac with stones and sticks. On August 14, Tasos was buried. Solomos had made that decision. "Let's lower their flags, eh!", is heard shouting just before going up to the web.

Video with disassembled shots from the murder of Solomos:

One of Solomon's killers is Kenan Akin, a former Turkish army colonel, so-called "minister" of the pseudo-state and a Turkish intelligence agent. He is still free, although Interpol declared him with the amount of 460 thousand euros, as wanted.

In 2015, television and video showed Akin standing next to the leader of the occupied territories, Mustafa Akinci, and embracing the Turkish President at an event in the occupied territories on the occasion of the inauguration of the water transfer project from Turkey.

He himself, in an excerpt presented by SIGMA's show "60 minutes" in 2012, categorically denies that he shot Solomou:

Source: SigmaLive