Pettemeridis complaint: "They are moving the" provocative "monument of Isaac-Solomos"

"Race against oblivion" characterized the race given by the motorcyclists of the Isaac-Solomou Memorial Initiative, their representative Andreas Pettemeridis.

"All together a fist to claim our freedom," he said, adding that we are still refugees in a homeland under occupation.

Mr. Pettemeridis also referred to the recent reactions to the monument that his team placed on the site, in memory of the two heroes.

"Unfortunately tonight," he said, "we also say goodbye to the monument as, as he said, the state decided, through the Auditor General, to move it."

He referred to the description as "provocative" for the monument to ask "how provocative can a monument be for Tassos and Solomos, when there is a tourist checkpoint below?".

Concluding, he said that they themselves will never stop and the team will fight every year and more intensely.

See the statement of Andreas Pettermeridis at 2.38:

The event included songs, while the motorcycle of Tassos Isaac was driven to the area with members of the group holding lighted torches.

The presence of the police was also intense.

About 200 members of the group were to spend the night in tents set up to commemorate the days of the invasion.

This morning A memorial service was held in the Holy Temple of Agios Dimitrios in memory of the heroes and a trisagion followed at their graves..

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