No criminal offense was substantiated against the Mayor of Paralimni, the Prosecutor General ruled

The opinion of the Attorney General and the announcement of the Police (PICTURES)

exclusive, Watersports, Municipality of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis

"The Attorney General of the Republic ruled that no criminal offense was substantiated against the Mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis, including the abuse of power, regarding the complaints made against his person in a case concerning the announcement of a providing facilities at beach points within its municipal boundaries ”, refers to a written announcement of the Mayor.

As mentioned in announced by the Cyprus News Agency, Mr. Pyrillis refers to "complaints to the Police against him" and notes that the Police with its own announcement "Informs that after studying the investigative file, the Attorney General stated that no criminal offense was incurred, including the abuse of power."

Also, "In connection with the allegation of the poor composition of the Administrative Body, ie the Tender Committee, the Attorney General ruled that it is not a police issue, as long as there is no deliberate action for profit, and the issue falls within the scope of administrative law".

Still "in relation to the issue of non-application of Regulation 4 (2) c of KDP 397/2013 "('Proven at least five years of experience in providing facilities in the sea area for which a tender will be submitted'), the Advocate General ruled that there is no question of non-implementation of the contested regulation, as otherwise the obligations of the Republic of Cyprus with the enforcement of European Union law ".