Deadly Fire: The song of Georgia from Paralimni - "Man, you woke me up at the door, you came and knocked"

VIDEO: A moving song by Georgia Hatzizacharia from Paralimni, about the deadly fire that broke out in the Limassol and Larnaca Provinces

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A moving song about the deadly fire was written by Georgia Hatzizacharia from Paralimni.

It describes the human suffering for the lives that "left" so unjustly, the houses and property that were burned… and in general the destruction caused to nature.

Listen to the song with lyrics and music by Georgia Hatzizacharia

"Oh man ες In the middle of the summer a red beast woke up. Wet skies paint red with blue. The villages are crying, nature can no longer stand it. Man, you woke me up at the door, you knocked. Now it is too late for people to go upstairs, in the rubble looking for life again. Let me drink some water to get rid of the medicine. I can not bear to hug trees and birds. Give me some water to drink and let me die. Man, do not wake me, do not knock on my door ".