Laifis: "I imagine my future in Spain or Italy"


Statements on a website of Belgium were given by Konstantinos Laifis, who expressed his ambition to win the title with Standard but also for the big championships in which he would like to play.

"I do not care what they say about me, what interests me is to play good games. "I have become more credible compared to last season where I made several mistakes", said the international defender and he probably succeeded, since the article characterizes him as "reliable and complex.

At the same time, Laifis spoke about the present in Standard but also where he imagines himself in the future:

"My confidence is growing, I have grown physically but we are four defenders at the same level along with Luidama, Kosanovic and Vanchested who will end up in a great club. "I do not want to talk about my future, I am having a good season and I want to finish it as best I can, if possible by winning a title", he said and added:

"My goal is to go as high as I can with my team and my national team. "I imagine my future in Spain or Italy, rather than in England."

Source: Sportime