PARALIMNI: Great success for Rodolfo Andreou - He broke the record in the 1500m. free

What is the performance of Rodoflou Andreou, from the Nautical Club of Constantia, in the record he broke - See the results of the games

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The Pancyprian Individual Games at the Nicosia Olympic Swimming Pool, which took place from 25 to 27 February 2022, have been completed.

The first day of the Pancyprian Individual Swimming Games, which started on February 25 at the Nicosia Olympic Swimming Pool, ended with two new pan-Cypriot performances.

Rodolfo Andreou of N.O. Constantias at 1500m. free with a performance of 16.26.75, broke the record in the children's category.

The previous performance was held by Christos Manolis from 2018 with 16.40.33.

The second record of the races came from the swimmer of N.O. Nicosia Alexis Iakovidis at 50m. children's supine with a time of 27.27, improving the record held by the idiot with 27.52 from last December.

In the competitions of Friday (25/2), first places were secured by Chrysoula Karamanou (APOEL) - 200m. freestyle, Andreas Kyriakou (Prefecture of Kyrenia) - 200m. freestyle, Maria Erokina (Prefecture of Paphos) - 50m. front, Thomas Tsiopanis (NO Aglantzias) - 50m. front, Anna Hatziloizou (Lakatameia Prefecture) - 50m. supine, Filippos Iakovidis (Prefecture of Nicosia) - 50m. supine, Agathi Manoli (Prefecture of Paphos) - 200m. butterfly, Alexandros Gottier (N.O. Konstantias) - 200m butterfly, Christina Agiomamitou (Prefecture of Nicosia) - 800m. free and Rodolfos Andreou (N.O. Konstantias) - 1500m. free.

The races continued on Saturday, February 26 with a second new pan-Cypriot performance by Alexis Iakovidis of N.O. Nicosia.

After the record of Friday that he achieved in the 50m. children's supine, on Saturday 26/2 he achieved NPE in the 100m. children's supine with a performance of 59.78. Holder of the previous performance Antonios Nikolaou with 59.87 since December 2019.

On the second day of the Pancyprian Individual Games, first places were secured by Filippos Iakovidis (Prefecture of Nicosia) - 50m. free and 100m. supine, Anna Hatziloizou (Prefecture of Lakatameia) - 50m. free and 100m. butterfly, Stefanos Eleftheriou (Famagusta Prefecture) - 100m. front, Maria Erokina (Prefecture of Paphos) - 100m. front, Loukas Marinos (Prefecture of Kyrenia) - 100m. butterfly, Chrysoula Karamanou (APOEL) - 100m. supine, Antonis Patsalidis (Paphos Prefecture) - 200m. mixed, Isabella Ioannou (Prefecture of Famagusta) - 200m mixed, Stavros Tzirtzipis (Prefecture of Kyrenia) - 400m. freestyle, Christina Agiomamitou (Prefecture of Nicosia) - 400m. free.

On the third day of the Pancyprian Individual Games, the first places were secured by Andreou Rodolfos (N.O Konstantias) - 800m. Freestyle, - 1500m. Freestyle, Erokhina Maria (Prefecture of Paphos) - 200m. Front, Grigoriou Alexandros - 200m. Front, Solovolou Maria Konstantina (NO APOEL) - 100m. Elefthero, Anna Hatziloizou (Lakatameia Prefecture) - 100m. Freestyle, Kyriakidis Achilleas (NE of Paphos) - 100m. Elefthero Kallis Andreas (N.O Am / stou) - 100m. Freestyle, Iakovidis Filippos (Nicosia Prefecture) - 100m. Elefthero, Lympouri Gavriella (NE Famagusta) - 400m. Mixed Individual, Patsalidis Antonis (Paphos Prefecture) - 400m. Mixed Individual, Monica Rafka (Prefecture of Nicosia) - 200m. Yptio, Nikolaou Antonios (NE of Paphos) - 200m. Yptio, Beka Melina Kyriaki (Prefecture of Nicosia) - 50m. Butterfly, Siammoutis Ninos (N / O Kyrenia) - 50m. Butterfly, Marinos Loukas (Prefecture of Kyrenia) - 50m. Butterfly.

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