Youth of Paralimni: 6th conference "For Life...Parents"

Register now for the 6th "lifetime...parents" Conference

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Register now for the 6th "lifetime...parents" Conference and come and attend many topical issues that concern us all.

⌛08 April 2023,
Saturday 15: 30-19: 00
📍 Events Hall of the Municipality of Paralimni

Topic 1:

Next September, sex education will be institutionalized in schools, covering all levels, from Pre-Primary Education to the XNUMXrd Lyceum. Sex education concerns parents and teachers.

Topic 2:

What causes reactive and aggressive behavior in children and adolescents? What is the importance of prevention and how do I limit effectively? How do I manage such behaviors at school and at home? When are these behaviors signs of a mental disorder?

Topic 3:

The amount of time children spend in front of screens has increased dramatically in recent years. What are the benefits and what are the negative effects? Are all children's skills developing? How are children's learning, concentration, socialization and fine motor skills affected? The importance of play.

Topic 4:

The balanced diet of children, rich in vitamins, is a decisive factor in the physical and mental health of children. What is the importance of Vitamin D and from which foods can I get it? Should we give nutritional supplements to children?

Topic 5:

According to studies, the fairy tale can become a productive means in the development of a child's speech. How can the story enhance my child's communication? What are the appropriate storytelling practices to help this?

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