Costas Koumis in the nomenclature for the reshuffle

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The name of Kostas Koumis from Paralimni is among the scenarios that the President of the Republic seems to be considering for ministerial, according to today's report of the newspaper POLITIS.

Finally, in a period of several months, during which the rumors about the reorganization prevailed, the uncertainty of the ministers about their positions, but also the scenarios for the successors, gives the President Anastasiadis. Over the weekend he will do the final exercises on paper and will make his final decisions regarding the scope of the reshuffle, but also with the people who will be invited to join the government. After returning from Berlin, he began an intensive process of meetings at the Presidential Palace, as well as telephone conversations, with the aim of concluding both the ministers who will leave and those who will succeed them. According to information from "P", the main body of the changes has already been "locked", however the President is working out various scenarios for a wider reshuffle. This long period of discussions on the forthcoming reshuffle has clearly not helped the image of the government, as certain ministers have been suspected of replacing them for months, and even today they do not know whether they will stay or leave, as the phone calls by the President are expected to take place on Sunday, or even Monday. The President of the Republic has been wondering lately whether he should proceed with a radical reshuffle at this stage or whether he should simply make the necessary changes, due to the resignation of Haris Georgiadis. Those who know the President of the Republic say that the concern was intense, as on the one hand he recognizes that some changes should be made, but on the other hand he hardly fires or replaces his associates, especially if he considers that they produce work and work methodically. However, the given moment with so many negative incidents that have seen the light of day, favors a change in the image of the government, but also a refresher in key positions and ministries, if the President wants to give new life in view of the continuation.

Surprise names for the ministries

Much has been written on the road to reshuffle and even more has been heard about the names that will take the post of minister in the new government. There are those who should be taken for granted, but there are others whose fate will be judged according to the final decisions of Nikos Anastasiadis. In the last twenty-four hours we have seen people return to the forefront, but there are also new names that are a surprise to many. The transfer of Konstantinos Petridis from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Finance should be considered certain, despite the President's concern that Mr. Petridis is a very good connoisseur of immigration, which is a hot issue for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. DISY MP in Nicosia, Nikos Nouris, will be appointed Minister of Interior, except unexpectedly. Clelia Vassiliou, from a deputy government representative, now assumes the duties of Environment Commissioner. Let's go to the most difficult ones now. We will take the risk and say that Costas Hambiaouris is finally leaving his position. According to information, there are two people that the President thinks of as replacements. One is government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou and the other is an academic at a public university in Cyprus and has nothing to do with politics. In case Prodromos leaves, the position of government representative remains vacant. The name of Panagiotis Sentonas seems to be "locked", either for a deputy or for a government representative, depending on the developments.

Three names for Minister of Transport

If the President also changes Minister of Transport, the names that are heard are those of Andreas Marangos, Emily Giolitis and Costa Koumi. The position of Troodos Mountain Communities Development Commissioner is now vacant after Papadouri's resignation.

Is the way open for the return of Harry Georgiadis?

A breath of fresh air is expected to blow in the ruling party next week, as a series of events bring about drastic changes, both at the level of parliamentary presence and at the level of DISY leadership. An air of renewal and freshness, which DISY was looking for, especially after the European elections. Averof Neophytou returns to Cyprus in the middle of the week from abroad, where he is these days, to see new people sitting in the seats of the Parliament from the side of the Democratic Alarm. Yesterday's resignation of DISY Nicosia MP Solonas Kasini, in combination with the departure of Stella Kyriakidou due to assuming the duties of European Commissioner, essentially vacant two positions in the seats of the ruling party for the province of Nicosia. These two positions will be taken by Savia Orfanidou and Xenia Konstantinou, who emerged as runners-up in the previous parliamentary election (the first was Prodromos Prodromou but remains in government). Orphanidou and Konstantinou work at the Ministry of Finance and the other at the University of Cyprus, and are expected to resign and take up the post of MP on Friday (December 6th). If we take for granted the ministerial appointment of Nicosia MP Nikos Nouris, then another position opens in the seats of DISY, which will be taken by Michalis Sophocleous, also on December 6.

Changes in leadership

The resignation of Stella Kyriakidou from the position of vice-president of the party signals the necessity of filling the position through internal electoral processes in the immediate future. It remains unknown whether and to what extent Mr. Nouris will choose to remain in the party vice-presidency, if he becomes minister, a point that will be clarified in the coming days. It remains to be seen what the vice-president of DISY and MEP Lefteris Christoforou will do in the end, as it has long been rumored that he will resign from his position in the party and dedicate himself to his duties in the European Parliament. He has not yet clarified his intentions, something he is expected to do in the near future. All of the above, in combination with the resignation of Haris Georgiadis from the Ministry of Finance and his return to the party, give the stigma of changes that affect the upper echelons of the leadership of Pindar. Information states that the position of deputy chairman of the party would not leave Haris Georgiadis unmoved, however he will return to the party even without holding any office, at least for the time being. Procedurally, DISY is not in a hurry, as the election procedures are expected after the Christmas and New Year holidays. The Politburo will activate the intra-party procedures, while the electoral process will take place within the party's Supreme Council, which has 1.200 members. Nominations must first be submitted, which always has its own significance, as the correlations of forces within the party become apparent. Both the government and DISY hope that the renewal in the Ministerial and ruling party will give new breath in view of the difficult continuation.