PARALIMNI: The swearing in of Newly Recruited Soldiers took place (PICTURES)

Swearing in of Famagusta district recruits in Paralimni

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Today, Friday, July 28, 2023, at the "Tassos Markou" Municipal Stadium, the Swearing In of the Newly Recruited Soldiers of the 2023 ESSO who will man the units of the province of Famagusta took place.

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The swearing-in was attended by, among others, the Mayor of Paralimni, Mr. Theodoros Pyrillis, the Metropolitan of Constantia and Famagusta, Mr. Vasilios, the Commander of the 7th Motorized Infantry Brigade Brigadier General Manolis Manolis, members of parliament from the province of Famagusta, Mayor Sotiras, the Presidents of the Community Councils Frenarous, Acher that's it , Liopetriou, Avgorou, members of Councils of Municipalities and Communities of the province of Famagusta and representatives of the Security Forces.

See images from the inauguration: