Kokkinochorion Sewerage Council: Clarifies about the way of taxation

Imposition of taxation at a rate of 0,4 per thousand on the estimated value of real estate - Concerns residents Sotira, Deryneia, Avgorou, Acheritos, Achnas, Frenaros, Liopetri, Xylofagou, Ormidia and Xylotympos

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In a statement, the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion, informs the owners or holders of real estate that in compliance with the provisions of the Laws on Sewerage Systems of 1971 (article 30), has imposed a relevant tax on the estimated value of real estate at 2018 tax rates. 0,4 ‰ (0,4 per thousand).

The tax concerns only real estate that falls within the sewerage limit as it has been published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus No. 4417 dated 12 March 2010 (Annex Three, Part I KDP 111).

It is reminded that the Municipalities of Sotiras and Deryneia, the Communities of Avgorou, Acheritos, Achnas, Frenaros and Liopetri as well as the communities of the wider area of ​​Kokkinochoria that belong administratively to the province of Larnaca, Xylofos and Xylofos, Xylofou and Xylofos, participate in the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochoria.

According to the announcement of the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion, the owners or owners of real estate used exclusively for agricultural and livestock purposes, located in forest land, the Dead Zone, in the occupied areas or falls in the area of ​​Strovilia within the British Dekelia Bases and incorrect taxation, please file an objection, providing all the evidence.

Payment of fees or rights can only be processed through JCC Smart until June 30, 2021.

For more information, the public can call 99880270, e-mail sakokkinochorion@gmail.com, or the address of SAK, PO Box. 36652, 5523 Forest of Achna.